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Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM  Mater Degree Spiritual Psychology, Diplomat Mind-Body Medicine

Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM Mater Degree Spiritual Psychology, Diplomat Mind-Body Medicine

Dianne Porchia is honored to be featured in the documentary film HEAL for her holistic stress reduction and spiritual healing work with advance stage cancer client Elizabeth Craig. Four years after diagnosis of stage IV anal cancer Elizabeth remains No Evidence of Disease (NED)!

Writer/Director/Producer Kelly Noonan and Producer Adam Schomer’s (Highest Pass) documentary takes us on a scientific and spiritual journey where we discover that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our health and ability to heal. The latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes, nor should we buy into a scary prognosis. The fact is we have more control over our health and life than we have been taught to believe.

This film will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all.

HEAL includes notable names in science, spirituality and wellness such as Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Gregg Braden, Kelly Turner, Anita Moorjani, to mention a few.

Porchia met her client Elizabeth by chance, or synchronicity if you will, on the street in front of the UCLA Medical Building. “Elizabeth showed up for her first session the day she got her port inserted for chemo treatment. It was very scary to think about the poison she was receiving through a delivery device she had to carry on her shoulder 24/7 with a tube and port that went into her chest,” describes Porchia.

“To reduce worry and stress I had to help Elizabeth find a way to make friends with this potent cocktail she had to endure for six weeks,” Porchia explains further. “We came up with the name Chemosabe for her new shouldered friend and visualized Chemosabe’s ‘medicine’ targeting only the damaged cells in her body.”

Not knowing what the outcome would be for the same diagnosis that Farah Fawcette died from, Elizabeth was very brave and still focusing on helping others. She allowed Porchia to video their sessions together saying if her experience could help others going through cancer then it was worth documenting her whole process.

Porchia visits Elizabeth in her sterile isolation room at UCLA after a scary episode during chemo treatment.

Porchia visits Elizabeth in her sterile isolation room at UCLA after a scary episode during chemo treatment.

There were other ups and downs during Liz’s treatment and Porchia was by her side for most of it, documenting as much as possible. When Elizabeth received her post treatment scan it showed No Evidence of Disease (NED). This day was a very tearful and joyful occasion as Liz made phone calls to family and friends with the good news. The two women celebrated with shots of wheat grass.

After Elizabeth achieved NED, Porchia decided to move forward with the idea of making Messengers of Hope documentary film on Elizabeth’s experience. Never having made a film before Porchia started reading books on film making, going to film maker networking meetings, asking questions and looking for people who could help her with the project for little to no compensation. It all seemed quite overwhelming to do. Then life got in the way of Porchia’s plans and the Messengers project got put on hold indefinitely.

Out of nowhere another synchronicity showed up. One of Porchia’s previous network outreaches introduced her to an experienced documentary film maker who was doing a project on healing for conscious cinema at Elevate Entertainment. Adam Schomer contacted Porchia and she remembered seeing his award winning Highest Pass documentary at the Topanga Film Festival 2011. Adam wanted to include a segment on healing cancer in his new film HEAL, and Porchia already had the perfect footage on the entire process of cancer from diagnosis, through treatment, to all clear results. How perfect a fit. Spirit and the guiding force in the Universe showing up again!

Elizabeth and Porchia one year after Liz's NED scan.

Elizabeth and Porchia one year after Liz’s NED scan.

Four years after diagnosis of stage IV cancer Elizabeth remains No Evidence of Disease (NED) and attributes much of her present wellness to the in-depth holistic healing and spiritual work she did with Porchia during and after her cancer treatment.

Dianne Porchia, (master degree spiritual psychology, diplomat mind-body medicine), lives and works in Topanga Canyon, California where she offers Porchia’s WISH™ concierge Life In Balance holistic wellness retreats and services. She works successfully and discretely with celebrities and high profile individuals going through high stress-provoking challenges such as divorce, death, corporate burn-out, loss of job, serious illness and cancer. Porchia teaches effective stress reduction techniques to support optimum immune health, meditation, mindfulness, Qi Gong Self-healing and facilitates inner child healing work, sacred anger work, compassionate Self-forgiveness and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), all of which helps transform an inner saboteur voice into an inner ally for success in goals for health, wellness, loving relationship, professional success, personal and spiritual growth.

Heal Documentary quoteHEAL taps into the brilliant minds of leading scientists, spiritual teachers and follows three people on actual high stakes healing journeys. Healing can be extremely complex and deeply personal, but it can also happen spontaneously in a moment. Through these emotional and inspiring stories, we find out what works, what doesn’t, and why.

See HEAL in theaters and On Demand in 2017. Get pre-release sneak peaks with esteemed experts and information about family and friends screenings.
Produced by Elevative Entertainment. www.healdocumentary.com

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Contact 310-455-2851, dianne@porchiaswish.com www.porchiaswish.com

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Sugar and Conflicting Information Part I

When it comes to sugar in our diet there is a huge amount of conflicting information out there as to what truly qualifies as ‘healthy’. It’s truly a vital question that is largely unanswered. This posting is a two-part series by Billy Merritt, creator of Infinity Greens Superfoods which Porchia’s WISH highly endorses for creating and maintaining optimum health.

Part I: How to get your sugar intake on the right track for truly enhancing your health. Natural forms of sugar, aka glucose, is important for our health! It’s fuel that is quickly available to the body. While complex carbohydrates and fats can take hours to break down into fuel, sugar is put to use almost instantly.

Doughnuts The proof is in the (over-sweetened) pudding – As a society, we’ve gone way down the wrong path with sugar. The sugar most people are likely to ingest today is highly-processed, refined sugar, aka sucrose, which creates a scary amount of wear and tear on the body.

The weakening effect sugar has on the body can cause many health problems incljuding the following:

Obesity – stuffing fat cells from high-glycemic calories is the body’s natural defense to remedy the dangers of spiking blood sugar levels, from which comes… Diabetes – the body’s intelligence with managing insulin levels can essentially be nullified by sugar.

Cancer – Sugar feeds cancer cells. Processed sugar speeds the production of mutated cancer cells.

OsteoporosisSugar damages and weakens cartilage which affects bone health. Bones are made up of 65% mineralized collagen that gives bones their solid infrastructure and 35% collagen matrix shaped like a crisscrossed protein similar to a beehive.

Digestive disorders – Sugar can cause growth of fungus candida, leaky gut and ulcers that can cause holes in the intestines.

tummy ache childEmotional and behavioral issues especially with children, have clinically been linked to sugar.

Hormone imbalance, weakened immune and neurological system, can all be distorted by processed sugar.

The simple fact that sugar makes the body weaker, thus more susceptible to disease.

Processed sugar is in everything on the shelves in stores, even in “natural” foods, such as cereal, crackers, yogurt, baked goods, and of all kinds “low-fat” snacks, and sadly, even at your natural food store.

Even worse are sweetened packaged drinks such as soda, energy drinks, sport drinks, and bottled tea. The manufacturers of these foods and drinks are clever, though. You won’t necessarily find the word “sugar” in the ingredients. What you’ll see instead is something like “evaporated cane juice.” What’s evaporated cane juice? You guessed it: sugar.

Sugar is chemically addictive. If you have sugar more than occasionally nd quit 100% cold-turkey, you’ll experience withdrawl symptoms such as sugar cravings, fatigue and headaches as your liver, kidneys and the gastro-intestinal system are detoxing. In most cases, this runs its course for one to two weeks after which it’s likely you’ll never want to go back. That’s your body’s wisdom kicking in, now that the sugar spell is broken!

However, your body needs sugar, so give it good sugars that come with benefits such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes!

Kale salad with fruitFind healthy good sugars in the organic produce section of your local grocery store. Fruit! This is where the elite sugar hangs out. Matching your sugar intake primarily with fruit is fundamental solution behind getting the whole dilemma resolved!

Part II on the topic of sugar will identify how to make sugar a life-force enhancing ally while losing weight, too, if that is what you need.

At your service always,
Billy Merritt, Creator of Infinity Greens Super Foods

Infinity Greens SuperfoodsInfinity Greens is a symphony of 33 different medicinal plant foods. Among these ingredients, I consider these three Algae – Klamath Algae, Spirulina and Chlorella – to be the most important. The nutritive data on these Algae is truly mind-blowing, and I’ve personally witnessed the health transforming benefits of algae during the eight years I worked as a trainer and nutritionist at The Ashram Health Retreat. Even today, algae is utilized as a big part of the program. Algae has dramatically enhanced the health and longevity of many people, and my wish is for you to be included!

Also a fresh batch of Infinity Green Bars. Each Infinity Green Bar contains 4000mg of the Infinity Greens formula! Organic life-force never tasted so good!


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Infinity Greens Super Foods – Why It is Essential To Your Health

Infinity Greens SuperfoodsDear Health Enthusiast,

When I say ‘essential’, I consider this one to be among the few most important categories of food to be in our everyday diet. It’s green foods! We’re talking about foods like kale, arugula, chard, mustard greens, parsley, cilantro, spinach, basil, broccoli, and blue-green algae. (Algae? Yep. We’ll be talking about this subject shortly.)

What makes these foods so important for a healthy diet? There are two reasons and one might surprise you. The first is obvious: green foods are rich in nutrients, especially the antioxidants that help the body to maintain its youth and vitality. The second reason often gets overlooked.

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Greens are vital for removing toxins from the body. Our bodies are bombarded with toxins every day. In the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, we’re exposed to impurities that people never had to worry about before. Add to it the normal everyday stresses from life itself, and you can readily see why the cleansing goodness of greens is so important to our diets and health. The impact of greens in your diet is huge!

The Magic behind Greens
What specifically is it about greens that gives them the unmatched power to cleanse and restore our bodies from toxins? Chlorophyll. This is the magical element in green foods. (It’s also what makes them green.) It’s the chlorophyll itself that bonds to toxins in your body, enabling them to be eliminated via the gastrointestinal system. This is indeed a critical means of avoiding the build-up of toxins in your body. Consider that it’s the build-up of toxins that’s a primary instigator of disease, as well as aging.

The Weight-Loss Connection
Interestingly, bodily fat attempts to protect the body from toxins, too. This is a little-known reason that losing fat can be so difficult. Collectively, fat cells absorb toxins from the bloodstream for the sake of protecting vital organs. It’s a temporary form of self defense. The problem is that when the body needs to later burn this “toxic fat-fuel” for energy, it becomes reluctant to do so because that means toxins would go back into the bloodstream (which would then cause wear and tear on other things in the body). So let green foods fulfill their vital role of removing toxins, making way for fat to be burned as fuel.

Additionally, green foods are very low calorie, and this factor coupled with the nutrient density makes way for satisfying the appetite with fewer calories. Naturally, this enhances the potential for weight loss, which statistically should be a priority for more people than not. Fat reduction: just one more reason for adding more green foods to your diet!

Grilled Salmon and Kale

Grilled Salmon and Kale

So from a dietary standpoint, think “clean and green.” Introduce more dark green foods into your diet to get your chlorophyll. How about salads? Well, sure. But don’t make the common mistake of fooling yourself into thinking a packaged salad of iceberg lettuce with a couple of wedges of tomato covered with salad dressing is going to do the trick. Dark leafy greens such as kale, arugula, Swiss chard, spinach, collard greens and the like contain the most chloroyphyll and nutrients. You can eat greens just as they are ore gently steamed or sauteed in coconut oil.

Warning: Don’t use bottled salad dressings! Even the supposed healthy ones are full of unhealthy junk. A simple healthy salad dressing is extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar, sea salt and cracked pepper or cayenne. If you like a green salad dressing, just add raw spinach and parsley to the above basic dressing and put in a blender for a few seconds. This tastes amazing and is brilliant as a sauce over other cooked foods or as a dip!

It is possible to go overboard with consuming only raw greens. In a raw state, these dark leafy greens can have a mildly suppressing effect on the thyroid, which controls our metabolism. A weak thyroid seems to be a common theme in our culture (although the main culprit is fried food). Then again, some people have an overactive thyroid, so foods that mildly suppress the thyroid’s metabolic function aren’t necessarily all bad. It’s a balance. So it’s good from time to time to cook them. Slightly steamed greens are great, too, and are packed with enzymes and antioxidants as long as the bright green color is still maintained. Greens that are over cooked still provide some minerals, but keep in mind the chlorophyll becomes compromised. In fact, when cooked, your body is actually better able to absorb the minerals in dark leafy greens.

As for how much green foods to have in your daily diet, definitely more than just a small handful of greens on your sandwich. What I feel is a simple and reliable gauge is ‘the massive handful’. This is something with which your instinctive wisdom can play an outstanding role. There is an ancient memory of green foods in our genes since these foods have been in the human diet for tens of thousands of years. So your body knows. Trust your instincts.

Even among the healthiest green foods, there’s one group worthy of extra mention. Based on my nutrition research and experience, I rank algae at the top of the ladder of the healthiest foods that have the greatest impact.

Algae were the very first life on earth—beginning three and a half billion years ago. Essentially, algae are the ancient foundation of our food chain. It’s fascinating that now we are turning back to the very first food on earth for our nutritional support.

There are thousands of different algae, most of which can’t be consumed. However, edible varieties of algae have been in the human diet as far back as recorded history will take us—and all over the world—except for the last few hundred years in the Western world. Only recently have we begun hearing a lot more about the nutritive attributes of algae. Why this recent interest? Because algae have the highest concentration of chlorophyll of any food you can name. This is what makes algae so green!

It’s also worth mentioning that algae produce over sixty percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere and are the most powerful photo-synthesizers on our planet, capitalizing directly on the energy of the sun more than any other food. Sun plus water and minerals miraculously creates algae—then poof!—oxygen, which is among the more important elements of life, wouldn’t you say? This magical process happens in the body as well. Algae oxygenate the blood which naturally has a tremendous impact on our energy and overall health, especially in conjunction with the chlorophyll.

The Holy Trio: Klamath algae, Spirulina, and Chlorella
Among the thousands of different types of algae, it’s Klamath algae, Spirulina, and Chlorella that have the most remarkable health forming qualities. Numerous blind studies have proven the significant nutritive and restorative value of these algae. Here is a brief summary of what makes each of these three algae truly worthy of our attention.

Klamath Algae is recognized for its extraordinary support of the nervous system. Klamath Algae metabolizes nitrogen in the body which stimulates the production of more neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are the link, which carry messages from the brain to the body and then from the body back to the brain. The nervous system and brain communicate with everything in the body every second of every day, which defines the value of Klamath algae. In addition, anecdotal reports consistently attribute Klamath algae consumption to increase in mental alertness, short and long term memory retention, and enhanced mood. What’s not to like about that?

Spirulina is among the few richest sources of beta-carotene, which is known to be the most important anti-cancer antioxidant. An antioxidant is a substance that inhibits the oxidation (breaking down) of molecules, essentially protecting the body from wear and tear by free radicals. It’s the wear and tear in the body caused by free radicals that sets off a whole host of health problems, the inevitable one being aging. Another role of beta-carotene is to reverse inflammation. Natural anti-inflammatories are a vital part of disease prevention very simply because strong circulation throughout the body is how organs are nourished and detoxed. Spirulina is also notably high in iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, selenium, and phosphorus, all of which play a tremendous role in our overall health and longevity.

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Chlorella truly shines in it’s ability to enhance detoxification. Of all algae, Chlorella is at the very top of the totem pole in terms of chlorophyll content. Along with detoxification, the high chlorophyll content supports oxygenation of our blood and consequent energy production in all cells (O2 equals life-force). So, naturally, Chlorella enhances physical stamina and energy. Studies have also proven Chlorella reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. Chlorella has even been shown to help increase the intestinal bacteria that are the very foundation of healthy digestion. Interestingly, the causes behind these benefits of Chlorella have not yet been identified, and there are more benefits still being discovered today. Oh, the mysteries of nature!

I truly feel algae can play a significant role in our diet, and I’m confident the world will better understand why these foods are so important in the near future. Bottom line—gram for gram, algae have concentrations of nutrients unmatched by anything else in nature. Naturally, all of the reasons above are part of why I am so partial to the Infinity formulas, of which algae are a big part. Truly. I believe algae are literally the antidote for us overfed, yet undernourished, modern humans. It is worth noting that today, even plant foods that are certified organic do not have the same nutrient content they did just a few decades ago because of the soil depletion from mass agriculture. However, this is not the case for algae! It is the same extraordinary nutrition that it was three and a half billion years ago. I feel that before long, algae will be a much more understood and used food source on a global scale.

How to introduce algae into your diet? Start by adding it to your smoothies. Already, smoothies should play a key role in your diet if they’re made with genuinely healthy ingredients. Introducing greens into your diet that are high in chlorophyll – whether kale, spinach, or algae – is about much more than just weight loss. You know, it’s interesting how our modern diets focus so heavily on getting the “right” calories and nutrients. But think about it: getting the calories and nutrients in is only half the picture. The other half is getting the toxic funk out!

Removing the wear and tear from your internal organs makes it well worth the small effort of adding more chlorophyll-rich green foods to your diet. At the end of it all, we are honing a diet to enable our bodies to rejuvenate faster than they break down. That’s the ultimate key for longevity, life-force, and protection from disease. You in?

At your service always,
Billy Merritt, Creator of Infinity Greens Super Foods

Infinity Greens is a symphony of 33 different medicinal plant foods. Among these ingredients, I consider these three Algae – Klamath Algae, Spirulina and Chlorella – to be the most important. The nutritive data on these Algae is truly mind-blowing, and I’ve personally witnessed the health transforming benefits of algae during the eight years I worked as a trainer and nutritionist at The Ashram Health Retreat. Even today, algae is utilized as a big part of the program. Algae has dramatically enhanced the health and longevity of many people, and my wish is for you to be included!

Also a fresh batch of Infinity Green Bars. Each Infinity Green Bar contains 4000mg of the Infinity Greens formula! Organic life-force never tasted so good!


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Numerology & Chinese Calendar Cliff Notes for 2017

Rooster 2017In numerology, 2017 is a number “1” year. (2+0+1+7=10, and 1+0 = 1). This means 2017 has strong and dynamic opportunities for new beginnings, new intentions and new projects that perfectly align with your Soul’s mission and gifts.

2016 was a number “9” year, (2+0+1+6 = 9), which is about completions. Last year, you may have noticed that many aspects of your work, relationships and other important endeavors experienced various forms of completions. This is a natural part of evolution and frees energy for new and more productive growth in 2017.

Year of the Rooster According to the Chinese calendar,February 8, 2017, marks the entry into the Year of the Rooster. As we release the energy of the preceding Monkey Year with its restless monkey-mind, curiosity and mischievousness, we prepare to enter the Year of the Rooster.

Rooster Totem symbolism: Personal strength, self-promotion and recognition without arrogance. Roosters are very self-assured, assertive and proud to show of their lovely plumage. They are not afraid of competition, or to take a stand and are prepared to fight for their place in the world.

Roosters announce the dawn of a new day and the potential for new possibilities and new choices. Rooster calls out, “Get up and get moving! Don’t procrastinate!” Rooster people are practical, diligent, hard working and early to jump on opportunities.

Personal Reflection:
Embrace the power of Number 1 and the energy of Rooster for 2017. This is the optimum time to release past self-imposed blocks and barriers to your success in all areas of your life – career, relationship, health and personal growth. Build self-confidence and promote yourself in career, business and relationship.

1) Write down your vision using descriptive and energizing words in present tense “I am” action words ending in “ing”, i.e. I am teaming with excitement over all the new business connections I am making each day.
2) Identify the practical action steps needed to achieve your vision, i.e. Call three people in my personal mailing list each day followed up with emails.
3) Take action steps now to create your ideal scene, i.e. Between the hours of 9:00-12:00 each day I make my calls and send out emails.

2017, Year of the Rooster, Chinese five element associations are: Element: Metal. Yin/Yang: Yin. Lunar Month: Eight. Lucky numbers 5,7,8. Avoid numbers: 1,3,8. Lucky Flowers: Gladiola, Impatients, Cocscomb. Colors: Golden, Brown, brownish yellow. Avoid: white, green. Years of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.

When are you starting your Action Plan for 2017?

“Wake Up” Rooster artwork compliments of Topanga artist Debbi Green www.debbigreen.com
Debbi Green’s talent for capturing the charm and personality of animals is unrivaled.

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Healthy Holiday Foods

Porchia's Holy Trinity of Tuscan Kale, Quinoa & Beets with shaved fennel, chopped pecans, Italian parsley.

Porchia’s Holy Trinity of Tuscan Kale, Quinoa & Beets with shaved fennel, chopped pecans, Italian parsley.

Holy Trinity Kale, Quinoa & Beets
2 cups quinoa
6 cups water
1 Tble organic coconut oil
1 Tble extra virgin olive oil
2 beet bulbs, top and tail trimmed off
4-5 leaves Tuscan kale
1/2 cup dried cranberries
1 bulb fennel, sliced and cut
3/4 cup chopped raw pecans
1/2 cup chopped Italian parsley
Fresh ground Himalayan Sea Salt & cracked tri-color peppercorn to taste

Bring to boil in medium size saucepan, water quinoa, coconut and olive oil. Add whole beets, cover pot with lid, reduce flame and simmer for 25 minutes. Five minutes before done, stir in dried cranberries, fennel and pecans.

Porchia's Passionate Pumpkin Pepper Soup with shallot and turmeric, garnished with crumpled feta cheese.

Porchia’s Passionate Sweet Potato Pepper Soup with shallot and turmeric, garnished with crumpled feta cheese.

Blissful Butternut Squash Soup

1 medium size butternut squash, peeled, seeded, coarsely chopped
2 carrots, chopped
2 shallots, chopped
3 gloves garlic, chopped
2 Tble organic super food coconut manna
1 Tble extra virgin olive oil
1/4 tsp ground turmeric, or 1/2 tsp fresh chopped turmeric
Fresh ground Himalayan Sea Salt & cracked tri-color peppercorn to taste
Dash of ground nutmeg
Feta, crubbled

Place butternut squash and carrots in large saucepan and cover with water to half way up of ingredients. Bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer with lid until tender. Remove pan from flame, add shallots, garlic and coconut manna, olive oil and turmeric and blend until all ingredients are pureed. Adjust salt, pepper and nutmeg seasoning to taste. Garnish with crumbled feta.

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How To Heal From Cancer

Lynn keeps her immune system strong holistically, body-mind-heart-soul.

Lynn keeps her immune system strong holistically, body-mind-heart-soul.

Many people who get cancer describe their self as always doing more for others than for themselves, putting their self last, and everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. These people are accustomed to doing it all alone without asking for help and covering up or repressing past hurts and disappointments.

Lyn is a smart, dynamic woman, a family nurse practitioner for over 20 years and married to an emergency medicine physician. Lyn stopped working in 1990’s to care for her son who regressed developmentally at the age of two and was subsequently diagnosed with autism. As a take charge woman, Lyn started two non-profits to help educate and provide resources to parents of Autistic children, including the National Autism Association and SAFE MINDS, Sensible Action for Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders.

With three young children and work, stress was an everyday condition in Lyn’s life for two decades. A few years ago Lyn’s body started showing signs of chronic stress through a weakened immune system, weight loss, digestive issues, and fatigue. Unfortunately, Lyn’s ill heath was brushed aside by her doctors for over 2 years until a MRI scan revealed an enlarged lymph node and stage III cancer.

Lyn turned her focus away from autism and began to read everything she could get her hands on about cancer. During her research she realized how important stress reduction and finding a positive outlook was for her recovery and for maintaining a strong immune system. She booked her 5-day Concierge Life In Balance Wellness Retreat with spiritual therapist Dianne Porchia.

Porchia taught her how to use the principles and practice of mind-body medicine connected to a spiritual perspective that acknowledged her as a Divine Being having her own unique human experience on earth.

During Lyn’s wellness retreat Porchia guided Lyn through powerful transformational process work which included Inner Child Healing work, Sacred Anger work, Somatic Dialogue, Compassionate Self-Forgiveness and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She learned effective stress reduction techniques, combined with daily hikes, Qi Gong self-healing exercises and Vipassana meditation and mindfulness practices.
Special menu retreat meals were all organic and made with Porchia’s secret ingredient, Love.

Lyn’s powerful take home affirmation was, “I forgive myself for judging myself as unable to recover from cancer due to Lynch syndrome and in my new awareness I know my body has miraculous abilities to heal when I support it holistically physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

Lyn’s most recent scans show her cancerous lymph node metastatic tumor has completely disappeared. She continues to use visualization techniques and Qi Gong Self-healing exercises applied to the injured part of her body.

Lyn has resumed her passion as a high profile advocate for Autism while being mindful of more Self-nurturing choices and boundaries to keep her mind-body-soul and immune system functioning at its best.

If you are facing the challenges of cancer, know that supporting your immune system holistically is critical to your recovery. Dianne Porchia offers private and personalized wellness retreat programs in Topanga, California. She teaches effective stress reduction techniques and facilitates deep inner healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually utilizing the principles and practice of mind-body medicine.

Porchia is also available to provide out-call services and concierge Life In Balance travel retreats internationally.

For further information, please contact: dianne@porchiaswish.com or phone 310-455-2851 or you may visit her website at www.porchiaswish.com

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Feeding The White Wolf

Fie flew all the way from her home in Manchester, UK for a unique Life In Balance Wellness program at Topanga Retreat with Dianne Porchia for personal growth and learned how to feed her white wolf.

What Fie learned was that the surface issue is never the real issue that needs to be resolved. In any conflict or argument, the first one or two minutes of your upset may warrant your disagreement, but anything after this length of time is no longer about the triggering incident, but rather has to do with something that has taken place in your history that is now feeding the current argument.

The real issue lies much deeper in your emotions than the initial anger you may feel. Making a commitment to love means making a commitment to your Self to look deeper inside yourself to heal old wounds and hurts so that they don’t continue to come up over and over again in your relationships and undermine your loving intentions in the present.

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Candle Lighting Ceremony for Topanga’s Chamber of Commerce

IMG_8654On April 11, 2015,  Dianne Porchia, President of Topanga’s Chamber of Commerce opened the 66th Annual Awards Dinner with a Candle Lighting Ceremony which set the tone of gratitude in this unique rural mountain community in Los Angeles called Topanga.

President’s Candle Lighting Ceremony

Magic and miracles happen every day in Topanga

At dawn when the sun starts to illuminate our ridgelines and the birds sing their morning song, At mid-day when the summer sun blisters overhead and a neighbor invites you for a swim,

At sunset when golden light hits Topanga’s rocky outcroppings and you breathe in its beauty,

And late night when the frogs and crickets are deafening creek side, or the quite of the mountain silhouettes are punctuated by the hoot of an owl, the howl of a coyote or cry of a wild peacock.

Let this year’s Candle Lighting Ceremony at the Chamber’s Annual Topanga Awards Dinner represent the magic and miracles that light our way and fill our hearts with joy.

Now, place all candles in a circle around your table’s centerpiece. Take a moment of silent gratitude as you reflect on this Circle of Light which represents how we join together in collaboration and mutual support with our businesses, organizations and community. At the deepest level of our being, this is why we love living here and celebrate the Spirit of Topanga.

Thank you, Fortunato Procopio for his volunteer videography services for our Topanga community.

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God Is Not Interested In Statistics

Because David’s prostate cancer was aggressive with numerous small cancer cells that had spread beyond the mass around his prostate, oncologists said he had no other option than surgery which he had in March 2013, and that statistically he had 3-7 years to live.

In August 2014, a later PET/CT scan showed new prostate cancer related metastatic disease was appearing in his ribs, clavicle, lower back and almost any place he had, or had had physical pain.

21 months after his surgery David’s PET/CT scan showed, “There is no evidence of FDG avid metastatic disease.”  He was clear with no suspicious findings, no focus of abnormal FDG activity in the bones, etc.”

“I trust the graceful unfolding of my healing process.”

I had my first session with David at his home 4 days after his prostate surgery in March 2013, and continued to see David periodically at my Topanga retreat for 18 months with many sessions held outdoors in nature in the therapeutic Floating Bed or indoors for table work using my holistic approach combining healing touch, energy work, somatic dialogue and spiritual psychology.

Four focused questions facilitated deeper clarity into possible blocks and barriers that may have contributed to imbalances in his otherwise perfect health body:

  1. Why this part of my body?
  2. Why this time in my life?
  3. How have I betrayed by heart?
  4. How have I not honored my truth?

Working on the emotional and mental levels during their sessions, David, who is a talented and successful actor, was able to access past self-judgments about his career path, family responsibilities and core values that had fed an “inner saboteur” voice and colored certain decisions and choices he had made in the past.

David critical questions to help him find his own inner wisdom, guidance and healing.  David’s ultimate success in his healing process transformed past negative self-talk into more Self-loving, Self-honoring and Self-nurturing beliefs and behaviors that support an “inner” experience of love, gratitude and growth mentally, emotionally and chemically in the body to support a stronger immune system.

“I increased everything that felt good.”

“I travel with family and friends, I express my love and gratitude more, I’m taking more acting jobs, I share my feelings, I continue to drink my blended spirolina super foods each morning and 2 times daily I take potent anti-oxidant vitamins, CuraPro (tumeric).  I pray daily and I repeat my mantra multiple times daily:

“I trust the graceful unfolding of my healing process.”

“I trust the graceful unfolding of my healing process.”

“My cancer has become my personal challenge to live without the cycle of the past.  One of the greatest challenges is figuring out which ‘loving’  well-intended health suggestion is best for me and fits into my own lifestyle.  I stay “round” and fluid, rather than “straight” and one-directional.  It has been a blessing to find personal links that help break my past cycle of habitual patterns, ways of thinking and believing.”

“I trust the graceful unfolding of my healing process.”

During our closed eye processes Dianne was able to connect me with my body-intelligence through guided somatic dialogue. I gained insight into the belief that my prostate cancer was related to growing up as a child in Rhode Island playing in the highly polluted rivers and lakes people used to call the “Rusty Waters,” coupled with later life exposure to asbestos while working at the Geige Plant as a young adult.

In addition, my muscle memory remembered I was always “clenching” to stay warm throughout the cold winters of New England.”

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Holistic Support For Recovery & Relapse Prevention

Sun's raysMy team approach to after care works alongside medical and mental health care professionals and complements 12-step spiritual principles. Says Dianne Porchia founder of Porchia’s WISH Whole Integrated Self Health and Life In Balance Holistic Wellness Retreats to effectively reduce stress, support immune function during recovery from cancer, alcohol and substance abuse and maintain whole person health and wellness without drugs.

Porchia’s program uses an effective 3-step process over 2—12 months using dynamic body-mind-heart-soul therapeutic techniques involving the following three steps:

Bosch sobconsciousStep 1 Identify: Gain insight to the subconscious and identify where in the body stuck energy and emotions reside accessing “Body-Intelligence” through visualization, breathing and somatic dialogue;

Picasso CompassionStep 2 Heal: Get out of the mind / ego and drop down into the heart-soul level for effective inner child healing work, sacred anger work, exploring self-judgments, releasing past limiting beliefs and compassionate Self-forgiveness;

biofeedback balanceStep 3 Ground: After the inner healing work comes reinforcement of new ways of thinking, believing and relating to Self and others by creating new neuro-pathways to support sobriety through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and visualization; connection to the spiritual level through meditation, mindfulness, nature and QiGong; and practical time management and stress reduction strategies with a take home action plan for maintaining self-regulated Life In Balance.”

Porchia’s WISH Life In Balance Holistic Wellness Program is compatible with 12-step programs and is offered to individuals and small groups and is very effective for cancer patients during and after treatment and for  out-patient after-care planning, recovery and relapse prevention.

Groups work in pairs or trios during process work and clients are encouraged to include outside activities which may be coordinated through Porchia who recommends practitioners for yoga, massage, flotation therapy, body movement, etc. Other therapeutic techniques Porchia teaches herself include Qi Gong, role playing, family constellations, guided visualization, Vipassana meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, art and creative expression, writing and journaling, Native American energy work, sensory integration through Nature.

The goal is to facilitate deep emotional and spiritual healing naturally and without drugs which helps to effective reduce stress, boost immune function and return balance to body-mind-heart-soul.

Read more on Dianne Porchia’s training and credentials Bio for Rehabs 2014

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