Candle Lighting Ceremony for Topanga’s Chamber of Commerce

IMG_8654On April 11, 2015,  Dianne Porchia, President of Topanga’s Chamber of Commerce opened the 66th Annual Awards Dinner with a Candle Lighting Ceremony which set the tone of gratitude in this unique rural mountain community in Los Angeles called Topanga.

President’s Candle Lighting Ceremony

Magic and miracles happen every day in Topanga

At dawn when the sun starts to illuminate our ridgelines and the birds sing their morning song, At mid-day when the summer sun blisters overhead and a neighbor invites you for a swim,

At sunset when golden light hits Topanga’s rocky outcroppings and you breathe in its beauty,

And late night when the frogs and crickets are deafening creek side, or the quite of the mountain silhouettes are punctuated by the hoot of an owl, the howl of a coyote or cry of a wild peacock.

Let this year’s Candle Lighting Ceremony at the Chamber’s Annual Topanga Awards Dinner represent the magic and miracles that light our way and fill our hearts with joy.

Now, place all candles in a circle around your table’s centerpiece. Take a moment of silent gratitude as you reflect on this Circle of Light which represents how we join together in collaboration and mutual support with our businesses, organizations and community. At the deepest level of our being, this is why we love living here and celebrate the Spirit of Topanga.

Thank you, Fortunato Procopio for his volunteer videography services for our Topanga community.

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