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Radical Remission bookDr. Kelly Turner, Harvard graduate, researcher, author and speaker in the field of integrative oncology discovered during her 10-year study and dissertation on cancer survivors that they shared 75 things in common.

According to Dr. Turner’s book, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, 7 out of 9 Top Keys to Healing Cancer are emotional and spiritual practices that work to boost the immune system.

2 out of 7 Top Keys to Healing Cancer are making a radical change in diet and nutrition to detoxify the body and boost immune function.

  1. Making a radical change in diet & lifestyle:
    1. Increased raw fruits & vegetables (8 glasses of veggie juice smoothies daily)
    2. Decreases meats, wheat sweets and dairy
    3. Increased consumption of filtered water, free of chemicals
    4. Eating all or mainly organic, to avoid or reduce pesticides and toxins that tax the immune system. Toxins cause cancer.
  2. Using Herbs & Supplements: Secondary to making a radical change Reishe mushroomsin diet and lifestyle.
    1. No one herb will heal cancer. Must do and take everything to fill in the gaps
    2. Supplements alone are not enough
    3. Consult a professional nutritionist or naturopath
    4. 3 Categories of Herbs:
      1. Detoxify the body, take away bacterial, virus, fungal infections, parasites
      2. Digestive enzymes to absorb phyto-nutrients, pro-biotics
      3. Boost immune system, medicinal mushrooms, Aloe Vera, Vitamin, C, and  natural Vitamin D (through sitting in sun)

Effective stress reduction techniques and holistic wellness approach is the key to maintaining a strong immune system.

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