Setting Intentions For New Possibilities

It’s easy to get stuck in a mental rut, doing the same thing, going to the same places and encountering the same crowd. No matter how much you like your daily routine and circle of friends, sometimes your world can feel really small and confined.

Situational depression triggered by losing a job, ending a relationship or marriage, losing someone close, or becoming an empty nester can cause feelings of separation from Self and others. You may ask, “What’s the point?   Why don’t I just give up trying?”

I experienced this small world outlook when trying to figure out how to support myself post divorce after being out of the work force during my 16-year marriage.  I was middle age with little skills, my previous career as an interior designer was now dominated by young people with computer skills that I knew nothing about.

I felt a gaping void in my heart from the loss of husband and family and I saw myself as an obsolete buoy, floating aimlessly in a vast sea of proficient, highly trained schools of technicians.  “How can I possibly compete in a workforce that is highly skilled, half my age and requires half the salary I would need to survive?”  I felt completely hopeless and helpless.

I intuitively knew that Nature was an essential element in healing this emotional void and bring me back to center. I also knew from early dance training and yoga that moving my body was necessary to move the “stuck energy” of emotional injury.

I set an intention to reinvent my Self and started a daily healing routine of mountain biking to the top of the mountain.  Overlooking a 360 degree view of Los Angeles, Santa Monica beaches and the San Fernando Valley, I said my prayers, did meditation and  yoga.

Each day as I rode up the fire trails, I asked for the healing beauty of Nature to fill the hole in my heart with love, Light and the beauty that surrounded me on this 10-mile loop.  There were many screams of anger, breathless questions asking “why” and cleansing tears that streamed down my cheeks during the strenuous uphill ride.

Day by day, little by little the gaping void began to fill with love and appreciation. Tears of pain, turned into tears of Self-love. I realized the gift I received in allowing myself to experience the fullness of the pain of loss, disappointment and hurt, was equal to my large capacity to give and receive love, to be joyful and let Light in.

My self-designed healing process taught me a lot about the body-mind connection and I knew health and wellness would be my new career path. My certification in massage, cranio-sacral and other modalities educated me on human physiology.  Researching my next step professionally, I found a master’s degree program in Spiritual Psychology which for me was the missing link holistic health and wellness.

Trusting I am never alone, but guided by Spirit, I conquered and moved through my fears of inadequacy and feeling “less than” others, obtaining my master’s degree.   During this formal education I learned many counseling skills from the perspective that acknowledges,  “We are each Divine Beings having our own unique human experience on Earth.”

This paradigm shift is integrated into interpersonal neurobiology, somatic awareness, inner child healing and creative expression to comprise the basis for Porchia’s W.I.S.H. Whole Integrated Self Health, Approach to Healing, Loving and Living Consciously.

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