We Are Designed To Thrive On Earth

Nature’s sunflower embeded with the “thrive” code Phi

In the last ten years I’ve really blossomed in my own journey to holistic health, healing and living consciously.

Today, especially after last night’s second screening of documentary Thrive, I feel such excitement for the shift in consciousness that appears to be getting wider and wider attention and momentum.

As I continue to grow, I ask my Self the ever present question, “How does holistic health and wellness, healing, loving and living consciously all fit together in the big picture?” This question is the basis of my professional work with individuals and small groups in retreat.

Answers to this question continue to come from a variety of “messengers” along my journey, especially clear and poignant answers after the death of my beloved Ben way back in 2002.

The Torus energy pattern shows up in nature and the cosmos in every scale.

Writing this message of connection with you all now, is giving me the opportunity to better clarify for myself my personal mission in helping, guiding and facilitating others…and of course, as is the plan in Divine exchange of energy, I am forever a student at the same time as I am a teacher for others along our respective paths.

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