Blessings For The New Year

The wonder of nature.

Let Nature be your inspiration for this year’s New Year Intentions.

People talk about making New Year resolutions, but what exactly does that mean? The dictionary has several definitions for resolve and resolution including the following:

1. The process of resolving: he process of resolving something such as a problem or dispute “the resolution of a difficulty”
2. decision:a firm decision to do something
3. determination: firmness of mind or purpose
4. solution: an answer to a problem
5. expression of collective opinion: a formal expression of the consensus at a meeting, arrived at after discussion and usually as the result of a vote
6. quality of detail in image: the quality of detail offered by a TV or computer screen or a photographic image
7. physics chemistry separation into constituent parts: the process or act of separating something such as a chemical compound or a source of light into its constituent parts
8. medicine subsiding of symptoms: the disappearance or coming to an end of a medical symptom or condition
9. music harmonic progression: the musical progression from a dissonant to a consonant chord or note
10. music final note: the musical note or chord to which the harmony moves when progressing from dissonance to consonance
11. theater literature part of narrative when conflict is resolved: the point in a literary work when the conflict is resolved
12. physics Same as resolving power
13. poetry syllable replacement: the substitution of a long syllable for two short ones in the rhythm of a line of poetry

I much prefer to set New Year Intentions. We have two more days left in 2011. Time to take pause and evaluate the past year’s events, happenings, accomplishments, pitfalls, challenges and opportunities.

What new words will you speak?

What would you like to pollinate in 2012?

What would you like to see germinate and blossom into manifestation?

What different choices are you committed to taking in the New Year?

What new words will you speak?

As I prepare for my annual Wotai Ceremony, this year in Baja, I will be asking myself these questions, looking to Nature as inspiration and guide and using this mark in time as an opportunity to set intentions to support my goals in 2012.

The beauty of pollination

I leave you with this beautiful piece of Nature’s inspiration.

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