De-Stress in the Desert

Last year's baby burrow, Bebe, enjoys reuniting with Dianne

There is nothing like a trip to the open desert to relax and free one’s mind from the pressures and stress of city life. My favorite desert destination is a remote natural oasis on the fringes of Death Valley where temperatures can get over 120 degrees in the summer and below freezing in winter. In between these two extremes it is possible to enjoy fabulous mildly warm days that allow for exploration of deserted mining camps and hiking into canyons with surprising waterfalls and petroglyphs.

Night time in this vast open space is mesmerizing as the expanse of stars overhead appear dense as an Indian blanket and if the moon happens to be full, it’s like having a bright search light casting a long shadow of your figure walking in the night.

Painted mountains of the desert.

One excellent way to release tension and stress is by singing. Whether you sing in the shower by yourself, sing the car or accompany others in a choir or sing-a-long, letting the vibration of your voice resonate from inside your chest cavity and out into the world is a most uplifting experience.

During my recent trip to the desert, I was lucky enough to participate in group sing-a-longs on the oasis grass and around the campfire at night. I can’t play any instruments, but I can shake a mean egg to accompany anyone else. In fact I’m known for carrying around my little shaker egg in my purse so I can join in on the musical merriment whenever the opportunity arises.

Two very talented musician / singers playing for free on the grass.

Every time I sing and shake I visualize the vibration of the notes touching, healing and rejuvenating with delight, each and every cell in my body. You can do the same, so next time you find yourself singing in the shower or your car, make it a mindful healing and rejuvenating experience through your conscious intention.

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