Feeding The White Wolf

Fie flew all the way from her home in Manchester, UK for a unique Life In Balance Wellness program at Topanga Retreat with Dianne Porchia for personal growth and learned how to feed her white wolf.

What Fie learned was that the surface issue is never the real issue that needs to be resolved. In any conflict or argument, the first one or two minutes of your upset may warrant your disagreement, but anything after this length of time is no longer about the triggering incident, but rather has to do with something that has taken place in your history that is now feeding the current argument.

The real issue lies much deeper in your emotions than the initial anger you may feel. Making a commitment to love means making a commitment to your Self to look deeper inside yourself to heal old wounds and hurts so that they don’t continue to come up over and over again in your relationships and undermine your loving intentions in the present.

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