God Is Not Interested In Statistics

Because David’s prostate cancer was aggressive with numerous small cancer cells that had spread beyond the mass around his prostate, oncologists said he had no other option than surgery which he had in March 2013, and that statistically he had 3-7 years to live.

In August 2014, a later PET/CT scan showed new prostate cancer related metastatic disease was appearing in his ribs, clavicle, lower back and almost any place he had, or had had physical pain.

21 months after his surgery David’s PET/CT scan showed, “There is no evidence of FDG avid metastatic disease.”  He was clear with no suspicious findings, no focus of abnormal FDG activity in the bones, etc.”

“I trust the graceful unfolding of my healing process.”

I had my first session with David at his home 4 days after his prostate surgery in March 2013, and continued to see David periodically at my Topanga retreat for 18 months with many sessions held outdoors in nature in the therapeutic Floating Bed or indoors for table work using my holistic approach combining healing touch, energy work, somatic dialogue and spiritual psychology.

Four focused questions facilitated deeper clarity into possible blocks and barriers that may have contributed to imbalances in his otherwise perfect health body:

  1. Why this part of my body?
  2. Why this time in my life?
  3. How have I betrayed by heart?
  4. How have I not honored my truth?

Working on the emotional and mental levels during their sessions, David, who is a talented and successful actor, was able to access past self-judgments about his career path, family responsibilities and core values that had fed an “inner saboteur” voice and colored certain decisions and choices he had made in the past.

David critical questions to help him find his own inner wisdom, guidance and healing.  David’s ultimate success in his healing process transformed past negative self-talk into more Self-loving, Self-honoring and Self-nurturing beliefs and behaviors that support an “inner” experience of love, gratitude and growth mentally, emotionally and chemically in the body to support a stronger immune system.

“I increased everything that felt good.”

“I travel with family and friends, I express my love and gratitude more, I’m taking more acting jobs, I share my feelings, I continue to drink my blended spirolina super foods each morning and 2 times daily I take potent anti-oxidant vitamins, CuraPro (tumeric).  I pray daily and I repeat my mantra multiple times daily:

“I trust the graceful unfolding of my healing process.”

“I trust the graceful unfolding of my healing process.”

“My cancer has become my personal challenge to live without the cycle of the past.  One of the greatest challenges is figuring out which ‘loving’  well-intended health suggestion is best for me and fits into my own lifestyle.  I stay “round” and fluid, rather than “straight” and one-directional.  It has been a blessing to find personal links that help break my past cycle of habitual patterns, ways of thinking and believing.”

“I trust the graceful unfolding of my healing process.”

During our closed eye processes Dianne was able to connect me with my body-intelligence through guided somatic dialogue. I gained insight into the belief that my prostate cancer was related to growing up as a child in Rhode Island playing in the highly polluted rivers and lakes people used to call the “Rusty Waters,” coupled with later life exposure to asbestos while working at the Geige Plant as a young adult.

In addition, my muscle memory remembered I was always “clenching” to stay warm throughout the cold winters of New England.”

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