Gratitude Is A Multi-Sensory Experience

Fall colors in Milwaukee

Nature is always the best teacher, healer and source of inspiration. In my holistic approach to health, wellness, stress reduction and personal growth, I always encourage my clients to integrate time in nature into their routines.

Now that we are entering the Fall season, leaves are turning colors and falling the the ground, there to decompose with the assistance of winter rains into rich mulch and nutrients for new growth in Spring.

If you’re lucky enough to live near hiking trails or a park, then utilize this resource for a daily walk. If you live in an urban or city setting, then a simple walk mindful walk around the block will do the trick.

Take notice of the trees along the street and the flowers planted in your neighbor’s gardens. Notice the color, texture and smell of the all the different vegetation. Many times people will have rosemary or lavender plants used as hedges. If so, pick a small piece of it and crush it between your finger tips and smell the lovely aroma that emanates from your fingers. If you see any citrus tress, pick a leaf or blossom and rub them to release their scent. Try this with all sorts of other plants you see along your walk and compare their textures, scents and even tastes.

Gratitude is a multi-sensory experience.

Gratitude is a multi-sensory experience, so use your mindful nature walk as an exercise in gratitude….gratitude for your health and wellness, gratitude for the beauty that surrounds you in this very moment, gratitude for all the wonderful family, friends and supporters of your work endeavors each day.

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