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Dianne Porchia interview by Carlos Caridad for the Healing Cancer In This Century Global Summit.

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Carlos: What do you think causes cancer?

Porchia: What causes cancer is a very complex question that involves more than only one factor.

The latest research on stress, the emotions and cancer, shows that emotional traumas, if left unresolved, CAN lead to cancer. When emotional trauma is unhealed it creates a constant state of heightened stress in the body, which lowers immune function and heightens disease in general.

The Sympathetic Nervous System is responsible for the freeze, fight or flight response in acute situations like encountering a rattlesnake on a trail, whereby survival hormones adrenaline and cortisols flood the bloodstream, thereby altering genetic code while preparing to take action to a dangerous life-threatening situation. As soon as the traumatizing event passes the body returns to homeostasis within about an hour.

Under chronic stress, including unhealed emotional trauma, the FFF response remains triggered and stress hormones remain elevated in the body creating a chronic stress condition with prolonged genetic alternation which can lead to a number of pro-cancer processes including:

Freeze, Fight or Flight response activates the following pro-cancer processes:

i. Activation of inflammatory response
ii. Inhibited immune response
iii. Inhibition of programmed cancer cell death
iv. Reduction of cytotoxic function of Natural Killer cells
v. Inhibition on DNA repair
vi. Stimulation of cancer cell angiogenesis
vii. Activation of “epithelial-mesenchymal transition” which creates new cancer stem cells

Physically, everyone has damaged cells in their body that have the potential to mutate into cancer cells. It is a strong functioning immune system that keeps these damaged cells in check by eliminating what is no longer needed by the body through the various excretory systems of the body which regulates body fluid and removes waste such as, urine, feces, carbon dioxide, sweat, bile and worn out cells.
On the physical level nurturing and caring for your body through healthful diet, nutrition, exercise and maintaining regular healthy poops is paramount.

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Porchia Quote Even shit can transformOn the Mental Level from early childhood, we all learn coping and survival strategies that we take into our adult lives, and use them in our relationships, at our workplace, with friends and social situations. These protection strategies serve us well for a certain number of years until the day comes that we realize some of these protection mechanisms embedded in our brains have created limiting beliefs, walls and barriers to the love, connection and success we want in our lives.

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When a person wakes up to this fact and wants to break through the constraints of past limitations they may start to read self-help books and work with a personal coach or therapist so they can achieve more happiness and fulfillment in their life.

When a person resists the natural human desire to grow, learn and expand, or wants to grow but never seems to get past all the road blocks that keep showing up, 98% of the time these blocks and barriers to their goals are limiting beliefs fueled by a strong inner saboteur voice.

Emotionally how one feels about their Self has everything to do with the inner dialogue that runs in their head. Emotions follow thoughts and if the thought is “I’m not smart enough to go for a higher paid job,” the emotion that follows is hopelessness, despair, unworthiness, shame. The person might choose to quiet or numb the negative inner saboteur voice through over use of alcohol, drugs, food, sex, high risk activities. However, no matter what the self-medication efforts are, in the end the inner saboteur voice remains unwavering.

Carlos: You reference the work of two important doctors in your holistic work. Can you talk about them?

Porchia: The most significant study that has come out in the last couple of years about cancer survivors is very revealing and supports my experience working with cancer clients in the last ten years.

Radical Remission bookKelly Turner, PhD asked the question oncologists are not interested in asking of their patients. She found 1000 cases of advance stage cancer patients that went into spontaneous remission, which she calls Radical Remission because there is nothing spontaneous about these patients’ process. Dr. Turner asked “What did you do that cured your cancer?”

In ten years Dr. Turner traveled the world and tracked down 1000 documented cases spontaneous remission for advance stage cancer. She found 75 things they all did in common that they felt made a difference in curing their cancer.

7 of 9 top things these cancer survivors did were mental-emotional and spiritual practices, while the other two things were nutritional.

Dr. Kelly’s 10-year study further validated what healers, integrative practitioners and spiritualists have known and practiced for many years. It is important to consider the whole person: what they are doing physically, nutritionally, lifestyle, psychologically and emotionally.

Bruce Lipton Biology of BeliefCellular Biologist Bruce Lipton explains the human cell can move in either a positive or negative response according to how it experiences or perceives its environment, but it cannot move in both directions at the same time.

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When it is moving in the positive direction cells respond by supporting immune function and producing more T-cells. When cells move in a negative direction they go into Protection mode, triggering FFF response and suppressing immune function.

Carlos: How do you work with your cancer clients ?

Porchia: First, I listen to their story and take notes. I learn about their current relationships, family members, work. I can tell a lot about a person and how they operate in the world by listening to what they say and how they relate their personal story. I can identify if this person has experienced some sort of trauma, abuse, neglect in their history, or has low self-esteem, anger, resentment. Once I feel I have a good basic idea of their current profile, I introduce deeper process work where we get out of the head and the mind, where all the protection mechanisms reside, and down into the heart-soul level where true healing can take place.

Carlos: Most people rely upon their mind to figure out what to do and how to navigate all the information that is out there about cancer. Why do you want your clients to get out of their mind?

Porchia: As soon as someone hears the word cancer, their mind automatically goes into fear, which is a natural first reaction to any life-threatening situation. The emotion of fear triggers an automatic freeze, flight or fight response in the nervous system, which causes the release of adrenaline and stress hormones called cortisols, which weaken the immune system.

When a person has cancer this means their immune system is already greatly compromised and has been compromised for a long time,most likely due to chronic stress either from exposure to toxins in the physical environment or from toxic thinking on the mental and subconscious levels which cause emotional stress.

Porchia Quote Feel BeautyI guide my clients out of their head and into their heart-centered awareness for deep process work because this is the level that healing takes place emotionally. An inner realm of self-loving, self-nurturing and self-honoring boosts immune function and T-cell production.

Carlos: What is toxic thinking that causes mental-emotional stress?

Porchia: Examples of toxic thinking are found in statements of blame, jealousy, judgment, rigid thinking, guilt, shame which are directed towards other people or directed to one Self.

Toxic behavior can be found in workplace environments and at home where old style management and parenting motivates through intimidation, barking demands, devaluation, bullying, humiliation, and condescending remarks that hurt feelings, dis-empower and make others feel badly about themselves, their performance and their value at work.

Porchia Quote I AMToxikon in Latin means “arrow poison”. Poison people that spew out criticisms, judgments and blame often come from families that exhibited similar behavior. Toxic behavior is learned and gets passed down from one generation to the next.

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Just being around toxic behavior, even if you’re not the target for meanness, makes people sick. It triggers a stress reaction and the freeze, flight or fight response with the secretion of stress hormones that weaken the immune system. Chronic stress is linked to cardiovascular disease, insomnia, over eating, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, infertility, tension headaches.

Toxic behavior and chronic stress affects memory, ability to recall information, think clearly, problem solve and performance at work which affects overall productivity at work and bottom line profits for business.

Carlos: What does it mean when you refer to toxic thinking on the subconscious level?

Porchia quote Each DayMental and emotional stress can be either conscious or unconscious,residing in the subconscious mind. It’s the mind that gets people into the place of imbalance and illness to begin with. Einstein said you can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created the problem in the first place.

The mental-emotional stress that I uncover with many of my cancer clients is chronic worry, anxiety, fear and limiting beliefs about their self, self-worth and value, often stemming from childhood experiences.

On the subconscious level, an inner saboteur voice is constantly saying “You’re not good enough. You’re not smart enough. You’re not lovable.“ An inner saboteur voice also uses negating and dis-empowering BUT statements, i.e.

• I would exercise more, BUT it’s too cold, too hot to go outside.
• I want to get a new job BUT I can’t compete with younger people in the market place.
• I know drinking so much is bad for me, BUT it’s the only thing that relaxes me.

Carlos: How do you get a person out of their head and into their heart?

Porchia: One of the techniques I use to get my clients out of their head and into their heart-soul centered awareness is called somatic dialogue. Much like hypnosis, I guide my clients through a closed eye process wherein we access the subconscious and call in the guidance of Spirit to assist in the process. My clients are able to access past trauma, pain, hurt, disappointment and misunderstandings, usually stemming from early childhood. This emotional pain shows up in the physical body as discomfort, tightness and if left un-healed can turn into illness and disease.

Carlos: Do your clients need to see you in person to do this deeper work?

Porchia: I usually do this deeper process work in person which gives me the benefit of being able to read all the non-verbal ques in body language, breathing, facial expression, etc. However, I’ve worked very successfully over the phone with many clients by first tuning into their energy through a photograph.

Carlos: You work mainly on the mental-emotional-spiritual levels. What do you tell your clients about the physical level and nutrition?

Porchia: On the physical level I ask my clients how well their digestive tract works. Do they have regular daily bowel movements? Do they have constipation, irritable bowel or acid-reflux? Do they have gum disease? Do they get enough sleep at the right time of day? Do they exercise or at least walk daily?

Keeping a clean moving intestinal tract is primary of importance.

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Primary organs of the excretory system include the following:

i. Kidneys which filter and remove waste through urine
ii. Lungs which expel carbon dioxide from the body with each exhalation, (why aerobic exercise and diaphragmatic breathing is important for detoxifying the body)
iii. Skin, the largest organ of your body which removes waste through sweat glands. Your skin also absorbs 60% of the products you use topically. (why it’s important to not clog your skin’s pores with lotions containing synthetic chemicals, preservatives, dyes and additives with names you can’t pronounce. Why I created Topanga Tonics pure, organic super food for your skin.

Secondary organs of the excretory system are:

i. Liver which breaks down and detoxifies harmful poisons and chemicals that are either produced in the body or consumed; i.e. too much alcohol, iron, Vitamin A, certain prescription and herbal medications, too much acetaminophen, poisonous wild mushrooms
ii. Things that can damage your liver: sugar, high fructose corn syrup, herbal supplement kava kava, partially hydrogenated ingredients that are high in trans fats, fatty foods high in saturated fats, carrying extra fat & obesity, soft drinks, Hepatitis C, too much wine (moderate in 1 p/day women & 2 p/day men), fatty foods
iii. Gallbladder helps break down fats, ethanol and other acidic wastes
iv. Ureters & Urethras which carry liquid waste, urine and semen
v. Large Intestine and entire length of the intestinal tract and colon

Carlos: In addition to somatic dialogue what other processes or techniques do you use and teach your clients?

Porchia: Techniques I use include meditation, mindfulness, visualization, diaphragmatic breathing, Qi Gong self-healing.

Process work I use includes inner child healing work, sacred anger work, somatic dialogue, compassionate self-forgiveness, and anchoring new positive ways of thinking and being through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Carlos: How can people get in touch with you?

Porchia: I offer concierge services and Life In Balance holistic wellness retreats in Topanga, California and internationally. I work with celebrities, executives and other high profile people where privacy, confidentiality is very important and individual attention is given to each client’s specific needs.

Porchia is based in Topanga, California, is available for phone / FaceTime calls and can make house / office calls within a specified radius. She is available to travel internationally for private 5-10 day Life In Balance concierge retreats upon request and occasionally offers special Life In Balance group retreats to unique destinations around the world.

Call 31-455-2851, Contact: dianne@porchiswish.com website: www.porchiaswish.com

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