Holistic Support For Recovery & Relapse Prevention

Sun's raysMy team approach to after care works alongside medical and mental health care professionals and complements 12-step spiritual principles. Says Dianne Porchia founder of Porchia’s WISH Whole Integrated Self Health and Life In Balance Holistic Wellness Retreats to effectively reduce stress, support immune function during recovery from cancer, alcohol and substance abuse and maintain whole person health and wellness without drugs.

Porchia’s program uses an effective 3-step process over 2—12 months using dynamic body-mind-heart-soul therapeutic techniques involving the following three steps:

Bosch sobconsciousStep 1 Identify: Gain insight to the subconscious and identify where in the body stuck energy and emotions reside accessing “Body-Intelligence” through visualization, breathing and somatic dialogue;

Picasso CompassionStep 2 Heal: Get out of the mind / ego and drop down into the heart-soul level for effective inner child healing work, sacred anger work, exploring self-judgments, releasing past limiting beliefs and compassionate Self-forgiveness;

biofeedback balanceStep 3 Ground: After the inner healing work comes reinforcement of new ways of thinking, believing and relating to Self and others by creating new neuro-pathways to support sobriety through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and visualization; connection to the spiritual level through meditation, mindfulness, nature and QiGong; and practical time management and stress reduction strategies with a take home action plan for maintaining self-regulated Life In Balance.”

Porchia’s WISH Life In Balance Holistic Wellness Program is compatible with 12-step programs and is offered to individuals and small groups and is very effective for cancer patients during and after treatment and for  out-patient after-care planning, recovery and relapse prevention.

Groups work in pairs or trios during process work and clients are encouraged to include outside activities which may be coordinated through Porchia who recommends practitioners for yoga, massage, flotation therapy, body movement, etc. Other therapeutic techniques Porchia teaches herself include Qi Gong, role playing, family constellations, guided visualization, Vipassana meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, art and creative expression, writing and journaling, Native American energy work, sensory integration through Nature.

The goal is to facilitate deep emotional and spiritual healing naturally and without drugs which helps to effective reduce stress, boost immune function and return balance to body-mind-heart-soul.

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About Dianne Porchia

Concierge services for holistic stress reduction and personal growth for transforming health, wellness, fertility, personal growth and professional success. Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM helps turn your inner saboteur voice into an inner ally for success. Remove subconscious blocks and barriers and align your unique talents and gifts with your higher purpose on earth. About Me http://about.me/dianneporchia
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