How To Heal From Cancer

Lynn keeps her immune system strong holistically, body-mind-heart-soul.

Lynn keeps her immune system strong holistically, body-mind-heart-soul.

Many people who get cancer describe their self as always doing more for others than for themselves, putting their self last, and everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. These people are accustomed to doing it all alone without asking for help and covering up or repressing past hurts and disappointments.

Lyn is a smart, dynamic woman, a family nurse practitioner for over 20 years and married to an emergency medicine physician. Lyn stopped working in 1990’s to care for her son who regressed developmentally at the age of two and was subsequently diagnosed with autism. As a take charge woman, Lyn started two non-profits to help educate and provide resources to parents of Autistic children, including the National Autism Association and SAFE MINDS, Sensible Action for Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders.

With three young children and work, stress was an everyday condition in Lyn’s life for two decades. A few years ago Lyn’s body started showing signs of chronic stress through a weakened immune system, weight loss, digestive issues, and fatigue. Unfortunately, Lyn’s ill heath was brushed aside by her doctors for over 2 years until a MRI scan revealed an enlarged lymph node and stage III cancer.

Lyn turned her focus away from autism and began to read everything she could get her hands on about cancer. During her research she realized how important stress reduction and finding a positive outlook was for her recovery and for maintaining a strong immune system. She booked her 5-day Concierge Life In Balance Wellness Retreat with spiritual therapist Dianne Porchia.

Porchia taught her how to use the principles and practice of mind-body medicine connected to a spiritual perspective that acknowledged her as a Divine Being having her own unique human experience on earth.

During Lyn’s wellness retreat Porchia guided Lyn through powerful transformational process work which included Inner Child Healing work, Sacred Anger work, Somatic Dialogue, Compassionate Self-Forgiveness and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She learned effective stress reduction techniques, combined with daily hikes, Qi Gong self-healing exercises and Vipassana meditation and mindfulness practices.
Special menu retreat meals were all organic and made with Porchia’s secret ingredient, Love.

Lyn’s powerful take home affirmation was, “I forgive myself for judging myself as unable to recover from cancer due to Lynch syndrome and in my new awareness I know my body has miraculous abilities to heal when I support it holistically physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

Lyn’s most recent scans show her cancerous lymph node metastatic tumor has completely disappeared. She continues to use visualization techniques and Qi Gong Self-healing exercises applied to the injured part of her body.

Lyn has resumed her passion as a high profile advocate for Autism while being mindful of more Self-nurturing choices and boundaries to keep her mind-body-soul and immune system functioning at its best.

If you are facing the challenges of cancer, know that supporting your immune system holistically is critical to your recovery. Dianne Porchia offers private and personalized wellness retreat programs in Topanga, California. She teaches effective stress reduction techniques and facilitates deep inner healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually utilizing the principles and practice of mind-body medicine.

Porchia is also available to provide out-call services and concierge Life In Balance travel retreats internationally.

For further information, please contact: or phone 310-455-2851 or you may visit her website at

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