In Death I Bloom

Kali, Hindu Goddess of Vengence and Transformation

In the Hindu tradition, Kali is the Goddess of Vengeance and Transformation, an image of whom I wear around my neck, a gift from a girlfriend. When I first received this gift, I felt that Kali was a rather dark and destructive deity for her to identify me with. Nonetheless, since the day Kali was gifted to me over one year ago, she adorned the fifth chakra at my throat.

It wasn’t until an artist friend of mine, Wayne Martin Belger, came to visit that I more fully understood why the symbol of Kali bore personal significance for me.

The reason for Wayne’s visit was the 25th Anniversary of the art gallery La Luz de Jesus in Hollywood, at which Wayne was a featured artist in a large group show.

Yama, the Tibetan God of Death, by artist Wayne Martin Belger

Yama, the Tibetan God of Death,is the title of Wayne’s art installation featuring a 300 year old human skull from Tibet, blessed by a Tibetan Lama for its current journey and transformation by Wayne into a functional piece of art, a stereoscopic pin hole camera, that will document the plight of the Tibetan monks and examine modern iconic figures.

While enjoying our morning coffee together, Wayne explained that Yama, like Kali, are powerful destroyers and like the Phoenix Bird that rises from the ashes, both deities open the path for transformation and new creation. So convicted is Wayne in his belief of the power of transformation through death and rebirth, that he had a tattoo printed around his collar bone, wording in Aramaic that reads, “In Death I Bloom.”

“Why does Kali stick out her tongue?” I asked him.

According to mythology, Kali was seeking vengeance for her child Krishna’s death, therefore, she mercilessly destroyed and killed everything and everyone in her path, until the day Lord Shiva laid down on the ground before her. When Kali stepped upon Shiva’s chest, she immediately felt complete love emanating from the soles of her feet and in terror of the belief that she had just killed her true love, Kali stuck out her tongue in horror and she never destroyed or killed from that moment on.

At that moment I realized why I have been drawn to wear Kali around my neck and, how for me, she symbolizes the process of holistic healing and transformation that has become my own vocation and passion in the healing arts.

Porchia’s W.I.S.H. Whole Integrated Self Health, Path To Healing, Loving & Living Consciously

When I facilitate holistic healing and transformation with my clients and students, together we explore the dark realm of one’s inner saboteur that has created walls, barriers and limiting beliefs that separate you from the love, connection and success you want to achieve. Through the healing work of understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and love we transform that negative inner voice into a powerful new inner ally and partner for achieving one’s goals.

The mythology of Kali and Yama symbolize this great power of personal transformation through the darkness into the Light for new beginnings.

Bernardus Lodge & Spa, Carmel Valley. Luxury Epicurian & Wellness Retreat

Setting Intentions For the New Year!
Life In Balance Wellness Retreat, January 20 – 23, 2012, at Bernardus Lodge can be your opportunity to embrace the energy of Kali and Yama, inspire new beginnings, depart with a holistic take-home action plan and receive one follow-up phone consultation with Dianne Porchia, MA to keep you on tract for the New Year.
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