Meet Midwife Mariposa Oxenburg

At age 19, Mariposa Oxenburg, Certified Nurse Midwife, first witnessed a friend give birth naturally in a hospital, assisted by a nurse-midwife and a professional midwife acting as her Doula.

“It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen,” Mari says. “Tears streamed down my face when the baby girl was brought up to her mother’s chest. I knew at that moment that I was going to help women birth.”

The experience compelled Mari on a life-long journey that has taken
her though training as a Doula, certification as a registered nurse, a two
year home birth apprenticeship, prenatal yoga teacher training, and a
masters from Philadelphia University in the Science of Nurse-Midwifery.

Now a mother herself, Mari lives in beautiful Topanga Canyon where
she and her mentor, Marina Alzugaray CNM, recently founded Birthwell
LA, a complete childbirth service. Using her expertise in home birth and
water birth, Mari strives to guide women though childbirth with love,
confidence, and grace.

“When left to her own devices, a woman can birth her babies
no problem,”
Mari says. Mari’s philosophy about pregnancy and birth is that it is a natural process.

“As a midwife, I tend to be hands off and only intervene when really necessary.” Even when it comes to vaginal exams, Mari feels that many birth professionals do too many exams. “A good midwife can tell how much her lady is dilated by the sounds she makes.”

Fear equals pain. “When women birth without fear, they move away from painful births in exchange for a very powerful and
intensely sensual process.”

Mari gave birth to her own daughter at home, and is a strong home birth
advocate. “My opinion is that women are better taken care of at home,
and the family bond is stronger. Women are respected and their
birthing process, whatever that may be, is allowed to unfold.”

Birthwell LA offers a wide variety of services to support all women: midwifery, Doula services, pap exams, cranial-sacral therapy,
acupuncture, medicinal herbal support, Ayurvedic counseling, prenatal
yoga, Touch Therapy, pregnancy massage, and preconception and
nutritional counseling.

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