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Sights and sounds to inspire at the Hollywood Bowl.

Remember the 1993 study published in Nature by Rauscher that claimed listening to Mozart makes you smarter? Well, for the last 15 years scientists at the University of Vienna have been discussing this alleged performance-enhancing effects of listening to classical music and debunked this wide spread myth.

“I recommend listening to Mozart to everyone, but it will not meet expectations of boosting cognitive abilities,” says Jakob Pietschnig, lead author of the study

Listening to Mozart or other classical artists may not make your smarter, but it certainly does inspire one’s imagination, creativity and awe.

Last night I was invited to the Hollywood Bowl for an evening of classical music by Hayden and spectacular fireworks finale.

The evening was simply magical and despite the horrific traffic jam leaving the Bowl at the end of the evening, we all felt so relaxed and and fulfilled by an evening of inspired classical music, there were no blasts of car horns, angry shouts or flipping-off gestures by frustrated drivers as one usually finds in similar highway congestion.

Don Campbell’s 1997 book, “The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind and Unlock the Creative Spirit,” still holds weight with me and my holistic approach to stress reduction, health and wellness.

Campbell’s “Mozart Effect” proclaims the general use of soothing music reduces stress, depression, or anxiety; induces relaxation or sleep; activates the body; and improves memory or awareness. Furthermore, he says, innovative and experimental uses of music and sound can improve listening disorders, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, autism, and other mental and physical disorders and diseases.

In my holistic approach working with both adults and children, integrating music, movement and nature plays a big part of the process creating wellness, happiness and success for the “whole” person. So, here’s to Mozart!

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