Neuro Science Technology For Entertainment & Real Life

In August I attended the Seventh Annual Topanga Film Festival which showcased neuro science technology in exploring the biology of creativity with mental and emotional reactions in cinema.

Imagine controlling your mind and your experience of reality like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in the movie Total Recall.

It is amazing the direction of film is taking and in a very short time, possibly this year, you will be experiencing in the movie theatre exactly what sci-fi movies like Total Recall and Matrix have been depicting.

My favorite part of the Topanga Film Festival was actually the technology installation piece at the Topanga Art Gallery, sponsored by I:CO. I entered a dark, soundproof large box made entirely out of recycled materials; i.e. clothing, shoes, crates; inside of which was set up a computerized bio feedback program, monitor and viewing chair.

Bio-feedback which monitors changes in heart rate use sensors on the finger tips, whereas nuero-feedback uses sensors on the head to capture changes in brain wave activity.

I sat comfortably in the chair while the British inventor of this technology strapped a light weight brain wave sensor band around my head. Once the program received full 5-bar power connection, which took only a few seconds, the monitor began to track two dials, one reading focus and the other meditation.

At first I felt like I was back in school sitting for a big test and felt the familiar twinge of childhood anxiety in my body and heart rate. The dials, both read low, but as soon as I started talking with

Based on the emotional response of the viewer the outcome of the movie will change. Headset with 98% medical accuracy in monitoring focus and meditation levels of your brain wave activity, which occur separately in your brain and are monitored individually relaxation, train your brain to be in the “zone” of attention and relaxation.

Create an cinema experience wherein if you sat on the left side of the theatre you could play the zombie and the right side of the theatre you could be the human, as well as identify defectors on your team. The collective consciousness of the audience will them determine the outcome of the movie.

bNeuro-feedback technology trains your brain and nervous system to get in the “zone” for optimum performance.

This is the same neuro-feedback technology that I recently purchased for use in stress reduction with my clients and students. So now, combined with my teaching skills in effective stress reduction techniques of diaphragmatic breathing, visualization and neuro-linguistic programming, I can even more effectively train people with a visual monitor on how to get into the optimum “zone” for higher brain performance. Wow!!!

As soon as I receive delivery of my new neuro-science equipment, I’ll be offering special brain monitoring and training sessions for my clients, so stay tuned!

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