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Dianne Porchia with Maria Menounos for national radio interview, Conversations With Maria Menounos on Sirius XM Channel 109 Stars, May 15, 2018

Dianne Porchia interviewed on national radio on Conversations With Maria Menounos broadcast live on Sirius XM Channel 109 Stars.

Maria describes her experience of working with Porchia after seeing her holistic healing work in HEAL Documentary.  Maria shares the homework Porchia assigned her to forgive and release past self-judgments and reprogram new ways of thinking, believing and holding her Self without being pulled into the emotional reactions of others.

Porchia explains how dis-empowering emotions are held in the body and weaken immune function, giving the example of her own mother who suffered many years with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

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No amount of positive affirmations will over ride a loud inner saboteur voice that doesn’t believe it.

Porchia uses Somatic Dialogue to heal core issues that reside at deeper levels of the heart, soul and subconscious for powerful personal transformation and healing of past hurts, trauma and misunderstandings.

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You can’t effective heal by doing a spiritual by-pass.

Inner Child Healing work, Somatic Dialogue, Sacred Anger work and Compassionate Self Forgiveness are specialties of Porchia

Inner Child Healing work, Sacred Anger work and Compassionate Self-Forgiveness are three essential healing modalities that are necessary to experience healing at the heart-soul-subconscious level prior to anchoring new beliefs and new beginnings.

The first thing I tell my clients facing a cancer diagnosis is to re-frame their diagnosis as an imbalance in their body-mind-heart-soul as opposed to something that is linked to a death sentence.  Cancer doesn’t happen overnight.  It is caused by an accumulation of toxins over a long period of time that weaken immune function and allow cancer cells to take hold in weakened parts of the body.

Toxins are not limited to physical elements in the environmental. Mental and emotional stress can also accumulate in the body from over worry, anxiety, falling into the Nine Traps of Unconscious Loving, holding onto past emotional hurts, traumas and misunderstandings. Chronic mental and emotional stress creates an internalized environment of constant low grade drip of stress hormones cortisols that weaken immune function and allow illness, disease and cancers to take hold in the body.

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Concierge services for holistic stress reduction and personal growth for transforming health, wellness, fertility, personal growth and professional success. Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM helps turn your inner saboteur voice into an inner ally for success. Remove subconscious blocks and barriers and align your unique talents and gifts with your higher purpose on earth. About Me http://about.me/dianneporchia
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