Radical Remission: What Cancer Survivors Share In Common

Radical Remission bookKelly Turner, PhD is the first credentialed researcher to ask what oncologists don’t care about.


“What Do Cancer Survivors Share In Common?”

“What Do Cancer Survivors Do To Heal Themselves?” 


Dr. Turner is a Harvard graduate, researcher, author and speaker in the field of integrative oncology.  What she discovered during her 10-year study and dissertation on cancer survivors is shocking in that this headline worthy news is hidden from public eye.

For decades we in the holistic and integrative health and wellness industry knew and intuited what Dr. Turner has finally verified through acceptable scientific method, so now traditional Western medicine must take note.

Below are excerpts from Dr. Turner’s recently released book, Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer Against All Odds:

 “There are over one thousand cases in print [of Radical Remission] all quietly published in medical journals….and no one was seriously investigating these cases, nor making any attempts to track them.” 

Furthermore, “Oncologists had no interest in hearing about what they had done to get better.”

Sun EnergyEffective stress reduction techniques and holistic wellness approach is the key to maintaining a strong immune system.

Turner identified out of 75 things that cancer survivors did to cure their cancer. 

However, there were 9 keys they all did in common and  7 out of 9 things they did to heal their cancer were mental, emotional and spiritual practices all of which work to boost the immune system.  

Turner defines Radical Remission as “any cancer remission that is statistically unexpected, and those statistics very depending on the cancer type, stage, and medical treatment received.”

  • a person’s cancer goes away without using any conventional medicine; or
  • a cancer patient tries conventional medicine, but the cancer does not go into remission, so he or she switches to alternative methods of healing, which do lead to a remission, or
  • a cancer patient uses conventional medicine and alternative healing methods at the same time in order to outlive a statistically dire prognosis (i.e. any cancer with a less than 25 percent chance of five-year survival).

The Top 9 Keys To Healing Cancer:

  • Radically changing your diet
  • Taking control of your health
  • Following your intuition
  • Using herbs and supplements
  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Embracing social support
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
  • Having strong reasons for living

Liz & Me

The above 9 Keys to beating cancer are all things Dianne Porchia helped Elizabeth Craig with that has lead to her success in healing and remaining  No Evidence of Disease (NED) after a diagnosis of Stage IV anal cancer in November 2012.

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