Re-Frame Your Diagnosis as an Imbalance in Your Body & HEAL Holistically

Porchia’s WISH For Life In Balance has much wisdom to share.

Illness, disease and cancers do not happen overnight.  They are caused by an accumulation of toxins and imbalances over time.  With some exceptions, your body is beautifully and Divinely designed with all the physiological systems and resources to effectively meet each health challenge.

If you get a scary diagnosis, you can start supporting yourself now mentally and emotionally by re-framing your diagnosis as an imbalance in your body due to a chronically weakened immune system.  Use your diagnosis is a call to action and manifest your own prognosis of returning your body to integrated balance holistically – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Each person must decide for their self what course of treatment they will follow.  Whatever you decide, know that holistic stress reduction, following the principles and practice of mind-body medicine and spiritual practices are critical to supporting your immune system.

What Causes Disease in General

Everyone carries cells that have mutant proteins from DNA damage that could turn into cancer cells. A strong functioning immune system keeps these damaged cells in check. When the immune system is compromised illness and disease can take hold in weakened parts of the body.

Porchia has worked with many advance stage cancer clients who prior to diagnosis lived very healthful lifestyles, eating mainly organic foods, exercising regularly and not smoking cigarettes.

Inner Child Healing work, Somatic Dialogue, Sacred Anger work and Compassionate Self Forgiveness are specialties of Porchia

During Porchia’s process work with her clients on the subconscious level she often uncovers emotional pain and/or early childhood trauma which has been buried deep inside for many decades.  Based on client case studies Porchia believes deep-seated emotions such as fear, anxiety, guilt, grief and shame create an inner environment of hidden chronic stress which weakens immune function through low-grade, long-term presence of stress hormones called cortisols which keep the nervous system in a constant guarded state of protection.

Porchia is featured in HEAL Documentary with her client Elizabeth who remains cancer free over four years after diagnosis of stage IV anal cancer.

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Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief) explains how cells respond   either positively or negatively according to how they experience or perceive their environment, as being either safe and nurturing or unsafe and guarded.

7 Top Keys To Healing Cancer are Mind-Body-Spirit Practices

Dr. Kelly Turner’s (Radical Remission) ground breaking study of 1000 advance stage cancer patients who went into spontaneous remission, Kelly Turner, PhD author of Radical Remission, identified 9 things out of 75 that cancer survivors did to cure their cancer.

7 out of 9 top keys to healing advance stage cancer were mental, emotional and spiritual practices all of which work to boost the immune system. 

Only 2 of the top 9 things cancer remission patients did were nutritional.

Porchia’s cancer clients often feel alone in the world, have difficulty asking for help or receiving from others and often also suffer from insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders and/or lifestyle habits that interfere with the body’s natural circadian rhythm which disrupts the body’s   regular restoration and elimination process.

When the immune system has been severely compromised enough to allow cancer to take hold, extreme measures in diet, nutrition, lifestyle, mental, emotional and spiritual practices are necessary to help bring the body back into balance holistically.

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