Retreats Are Great, But What About Daily Life?

How do you keep up motivation following an inspirational workshop?

“When I go on a personal growth workshop, I get really inspired and charged up about all the new exercise and diet intentions I set for myself, but then once home and back in my day-to-day routine, my initial motivation wanes and I find I don’t follow through with my great plans.”

Has this happened to you, too?

How does one maintain the same enthusiasm it takes to actually follow through with all your good intentions after attending an inspiring workshop or retreat?

If you are the type of person that has trouble keeping the intentions you set for your self for health and wellness, finding the love and happiness you desire, changing jobs or making the career move you want to make, then most likely you have a strong “inner saboteur” voice that keeps you stuck in old limiting beliefs. That negative inner voice is full of, “yes, BUT’s” that are preventing you from moving forward effectively with your goals.

Having an on-going support team will help you accomplish your goals.

Accountability when trying to reach your goals is essential to keeping up momentum and in keeping on track with timelines. Working with a personal coach or project team to keep you accountable to your timeline and goals is a great way to set up structure for success, however, this can be expensive, too.

When I wanted to take my business to the next level of professionalism at the beginning of 2010, I had a long “To Do” list, including creating two new web sites that were effective and functional in social media, organizing, culling, updating and building one succinct mailing list from thousands of names and business cards I’ve collected from years of networking that were spread out all over my office, creating a new, updated program of services, classes and retreats for personal and professional clientele, attend more networking events and finally get my W.I.S.H. book published after having it sit on the shelf in manuscript form for ten years. I had to accomplish all this with no budget and with also having to continually build up my present clientele in order to pay for all these goals.

For years, I felt so completely overwhelmed by it all that everything simply sat collecting dust and waiting for me to make a move.

The way I successfully wrote my W.I.S.H. book in a matter of about six months, during a time period wherein I was also in a demanding master’s degree program with lots of written homework and self employed as a massage therapist, was because I also had a great support system called my project team.

I created the same thing for myself at the beginning of this year, 2010, with a project team to support my business goals. You can see the results in my great new websites: and and in the professionalism in my monthly Newsletters and Retreat offerings and coming soon, my W.I.S.H. book is finally going to be published and available for sale, hopefully end of this year!

Discover your unique talents and gifts which are waiting to be shared with the world.

On-going support for your goals in health & wellness, creative expression, loving relationship, career transition, etc.

Each member of our project team had their own project goal, from permanently releasing weight, to learning how to play an instrument and producing a singing CD, to creating a new career path in corporate art installations, anything you could imagine. In my project team, I was the only person with the goal of writing a book, Porchia’s W.I.S.H. – Whole Integrated Self Health, Guide To Healing, Living & Living Consciously. which was my master’s project and is the foundation of my life mission teaching about holistic health and wellness, creating loving relationships through heart and soul-centered communication skills and personal transformation through spiritual practice and awareness.

Holistic Health & Wellness
Personal & Professional Growth
Spiritual Development & Practice

Having affordable, on-going support for your goals and intentions you set is essential to your success. This is why I have decided to offer monthly Inspired Life Wisdom Circles to provide the loving support, structure and consistency to help others achieve their own goals for health, happiness, success, love and the life you want. Open to men and women.

A safe, supportive and nurturing environment to connect with others in meaningful ways while focusing on the goals, intentions and positive change you want to make in your life.

Intimate Outdoor Red Meditation Tea Lounge is the site for our Inspired Life Wisdom Circles

Monthly Inspired Life Wisdom Circles, take place the third Saturday morning each month, starting October 15th. We meet in the intimate outdoor Red Meditation Tea Lounge, (weather permitting), with inspiring mountain views at my tranquil Topanga Retreat home.
Yes, tea will be served!

October 15
November 19
December 17

Optional hike to Eagle Rock
For those who want to extend their experience in nature, Eagle Rock is a semi-strenuous up-hill hike, 1.5 miles from my Topanga Retreat. Round trip hike takes about 2 hours dependent on how long you want to stay at looking at the fantastic ocean view from the top!

Optional hike to Eagle Rock follows each Wisdom Circle

Bring your project idea, intention or desire, journal, water bottle, hiking shoes, and layered clothing for varying outdoor temperatures.

Advance registration required for address and parking instructions. Limited space.

Register NOW!!


About Dianne Porchia

Concierge services for holistic stress reduction and personal growth for transforming health, wellness, fertility, personal growth and professional success. Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM helps turn your inner saboteur voice into an inner ally for success. Remove subconscious blocks and barriers and align your unique talents and gifts with your higher purpose on earth. About Me
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