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Summer September, 2011 


I just returned from a wonderful 3-day wine tasting trip to Monterey and Carmel where I was treated to amazing multi-course culinary delights by private epcurian chefs and fabulous wine pairings offered by award winning vintners. Much was enjoyed in the picturesque back drop of the Santa Lucia Highlands vineyards, which I discovered is an exceptional quality Viticultural Appellation in the bountiful Salinas Valley.

I left Monterey County vineyards inspired to return and to offer special Culinary and Wine Tasting Retreats for private and corporate groups next year.  What better way to start the new year than setting intentions, while eating and drinking your way through the vineyards?

Stay tuned for more information on 2012’s Life In Balance: New Year Intentions in Carmel Valley’s Wine Country, California. 


In the meantime, I invite you to join me November 7 – 9, 2010, at the relaxing and rejuvenating Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, for our next retreat, Life In Balance: Gracing Through The Holidays.  


Set your intentions for a stress-free and joyful holiday with holistic Self-nurturing practices at this charming resort at the picturesque fishing village of Avila in the Central Coast, California.  Read more below.  


Blessings & Light,

Dianne Porchia, MA


Grace Through The Holidays

November 7 – 9, 2011  (Monday – Wednesday)

Women & Men Welcome

Sycamore Massage

Relax in hot mineral water baths & partner Watsu at Oasis


with restorative massage at Resort Spa

Reconnect in Self loving to combat lonliness, depression, blues

Invigorate with morning yoga and floor Pilates


   Inspire  with Vipassana nature hike to overlook peak



Take time for you before you take care of everyone else over the holidays.

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Sycamore pool





The holiday season and end of year can bring many joys as well as many challenges, feelings of aloneness and isolation, family triggers, financial fears, over commitment, overwhelm and over eating.   

Life In Balance Holistic Wellness Retreat is an opportunity to transform old destructive patterns into new Self-loving and joyful alternatives through a combination of effective stress reduction  techniques, yoga and body movement, powerful new neuro-science technology, neuro-linguistic  programming, Vipassana meditation in nature, and Self-nurturing spa rejuvenation a for a happier, healthier holiday season and your Life In Balance.

The mind is a tool

to be used in service to the heart.

Neuro Brain coupled with effective stress reduction techniques in neuro-linguistic programming, diphragmatic breathing and guided visualization trains your mind to get in the  “zone” of optimum focused attention AND relaxed meditation to train you how to cope with holiday stress and overwhelm AND improve memory, brain function, physical and mental performance, health,  wellness and immune function. 

New neuro-science technology

Register NOW

All Inclusive Price Includes:
Sycamore Guest House3-Day, 2-Night
Holistic Wellness Retreat
For Women & Men
  • 2-night accommodation plus all resort fees and tax,  (double occupancy shared room or bed),
  • Standard Mineral Spring Spa Room or shared Suite
  • Private outdoor spa tub
  • Resort Gift Card worth $220 for meals and
  • Restorative spa massage
  • Neuro-feedback monitoring for stress reduction training
  • Morning yoga or floor Pilates
  • Evening partner Watsu at secluded Resort Oasis
  • Fluid movement / dance
  • Vipassana meditation nature hike to overlook peak
  • Porchia’s W.I.S.H. transformation workshop and
  • One follow-up phone consultation with Porchia.

Avila Tile

Extra:  One lunch off-premise at Olde Port Inn, on the Pier at the picturesque fishing village of Avila.

Registration Deadline:  October 14, 2011

$100 Discount if you register before 10/1/11.

Register NOW

Note:  Some restrictions apply.  Gift Card must be used at time of stay and has no cash value.  Prices based on double occupancy in shared room or shared bed, Standard Mineral Spring Spa Room or shared 2-Bedroom Suite with 1 queen and 1 king.  Private room additional $185 with 45-day advance booking.  Each room or suite has private outdoor spa, fed with hot mineral springs water.  Limited room and workshop space availability.

2 Double Beds in Shared Room             $1,500 p/person

1 Queen or King Bed in Shared Suite   $1,050 p/person

This Retreat is open to both men and women, so if you’re a couple you automatically save 15% if you register before October 1, 2011.  See Special Offer below.

Special Offer Coupon Below

What People Are Saying About Porchia’s Retreats

Personal, Professional & Academinc Heartfelt Success

Nichole Gardner

Nichole Gardner, ND

Naturopathic Medicine

“My private Life In Balance Retreat at Sycamore Springs with Dianne Porchia helped me realize that what was happening to me on a personal level was severely holding me back from progressing and succeeding on a professional level. 


My biggest breakthrough was realizing that old beliefs and patterns of thinking from my childhood and family dynamics were preventing me from moving forward and beings successful in my career.


I’ve identified and found more gratitude for the people who nurture and support me

and realize I have control on how I choose to respond to and include people in my life. 


Overall I am much happier and less stressed after attending this workshop.”


Beth Blair

Beth Blair, CPA Women First Financial, Mass Mutual Financial.

“Dianne,  There is something very special about you that I’m so grateful for and it’s your ability to cut right through to the real blockage; to get to the pain and stay there until it is dealt with.  


I’ve made more major breakthroughs and progress with your holistic “fast track” approach to healing, than the many years of therapy I’ve had in the past. 


You’ve been there with compassion and wisdom to assist and guide me through.   

You are truly insightful, compassionate  and clearly talented.  

Lots of love, Beth” 

Annette Furgeson

Annette Ferguson, CPA

Partner tf&co, LLP

“Dianne, you are amazing!


Every session with you is well worth it.

You really have a talent for getting to the bottom of the issue.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and you have given me valuable tools to cope with my “Self.” 


I’ve really enjoyed our sessions.”






Jeanette Zelman
Jeanette, a mother who lost her 19 year old son, was internalizing emotional pain into physical illness.


“After returning from our Healing Hearts & Inspiring Souls Women’s Retreat, I told my grief support group that I finally ‘got it’ . 


I now know I can hold Ryan in my heart from a place of Self-loving instead of from self-punishment, blame and guilt. 


I know I will never stop the pain of his loss, but now I can be more present in my love and appreciation for the rest of my family. 


Since the Women’s Retreat my intestinal tract feels much better and I no longer have headaches.”

Read more

Work  &  Life  In Balance

In  S p i r e   Creative Solutions

Corporate Retreat Programs
  • Create Team Spirit
  • Prioritize Time Management
  • Motivate & Activate Your Plan
  • Transform Blame Into Ownership
  • Change Conflict Into Cooperation
  • Inspire Creativity & New Approaches
  • Move Procrastination Into Commitment

Dianne Porchia, MA, designs Corporate Retreat Programs tailor made to fit the specific needs of your company business or non-profit goals and objectives through her unique integrated “holistic” approach to Work And Life In Balance and discovering the richness of you at work and play!


For more information visit



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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Monday – Saturday.

Contact for more information


Dianne Porchia, MA

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Save 15%
If you Register with a friend for your shared accommodation before October 1, 2011, save $157 – $225 per person.   Simply go to and Register your payment before October 1, 2011, list your room mate’s name for a shared double room or shared queen or king bed suite and each bring a printed copy of this coupon to receive your 15% refund.   This Retreat is open to both men and women, so if you’re a couple you automatically save 15% if you register by October 1, 2011!
Offer Expires: October 2, 2011

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