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Intimacy starts with heart-centered communication which is an interpersonal communication skill rarely taught at home or in school. Without connecting from the heart all hope is lost for creating and maintaining loving relationships. When you connect at the heart level, rather than the mind-ego level, your authentic Self shines through which attracts the love, admiration and respect of another like-hearted person.

When two people in relationship learn heart-centered communication skills it opens the door to safely explore and share all levels of emotions without fear of being judged, blamed, ridiculed or made fun of. Learning heart-centered communication skills builds trust, safety, respect and fills your heart bank account with an abundance of reserve to help couples through the challenging times when they arise.

The first step in learning how to be a heart-centered communicator is to be a heart-centered listener. Remind yourself you are speaking with another Spiritual Being, having their own unique human experience on Earth. By focusing on the divine inside each one of us, it will help you get out of your head and into your heart space, open your heart to compassion, understanding, forgiveness and gratitude, which is the key to all healing.

Porchia’s W.I.S.H.™ Tools For Love

Dianne Porchia has many tools and techniques to help couples create and maintain loving relationships, which she teaches in her private consultations, seminars, workshops, retreats and books.

Nine Traps of Unconscious Loving

The Nine Traps of Unconscious Loving, also referred to as the Nine Traps of Miscommunication, outlines nine key mistakes couples make that undermine their loving intentions.

Each time couples unwittingly fall into these Nine Traps, it leaves a little black mark in their heart and in their mind. As time goes on, more and more of these little black marks accumulate in their hearts and in their minds until the once happy couple is now very unhappy, feeling unloved, uncherished, disrespected by their partner until finally they call it quits and want to separate.

Each person chalks up their experience to another failed relationship and eventually moves on to the next romance. However, if the little black marks they accumulated in their heart and mind haven’t been healed and resolved, they bring them into the next romance and the pattern of unconscious loving and miscommunication repeats.

Guide to the Ten Levels of Emotions:

One of the obstacles to overcome in learning heart-centered communication skills is to understand the difference between thoughts and emotions. Men in particular can have difficulty in getting in touch with their emotions because many times they are taught emotions are a sign of weakness. There is nothing furthest from the truth. A man who can identify, express and share authentic emotions will win the heart of his desire.

Another Porchia’s W.I.S.H.™ tool to help couples learn heart-centered communication skills is the outline for Ten Levels of Emotions ranging from the lower vibration emotions of shame, despair, anger, hurt, fear and into the upper vibration emotions of trust, hope, understanding, compassion and love. Practicing heart-centered communication skills while exploring the Ten Levels of Emotions creates intimacy and builds trust.

Six Questions For Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Porchia outlines Six Questions For Peaceful Conflict Resolution to help couples explore and express their emotions more clearly, completely, honestly and respectfully. When both parties learn and use these essential communication skills, each person feels heard, respected, understood and accepted. Feelings of guilt, hopelessness, resentment, sadness and fear gracefully move into feelings of safety, willingness, acceptance, forgiveness and joy, bringing peace into homes and families, light into darkness and gratitude into the hearts of all concerned.

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