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Conquering Disease

Conquering ANY Disease
The Ultimate High-Phytochemical Food Healing System

by QiGong Practitioner Jeff Primack

This book is dedicated to the Integration of Western Medicine
and Food-Based Healing.

Price: $65

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Smoothie Formulas

Smoothie Formulas
Based on Naturopathic Food Healing Science

by QiGong Practitioner Jeff Primack & QiGong Family

This book supplements  Conquering ANY Disease and has Specific Foods for Specific Diseases
Price $45

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Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms Special Forces  
9 Species Blend
Proprietary Certified 100% Organic Blend of 9 Species

of Medicinal Mushrooms, developed by a team of medical doctors.

This blend of 9 species of tonic, medicinal mushrooms provides a complex array of hetero-polysaccharide compounds (beta glucans, alpha glucans and polysacchor-peptides) AND cordyceps that have been shown to interact with cells of our immune system to strengthen and balance immune function.    

Price: $150 per 1/2 lb bag. Minimum Order 2 bags = 1 Order @ $300.

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Infinity Greens

trial packInfinity Greens Super Foods
Excellent Immune System Support
Why is this trio of blue-green algae the most important greens in your diet?  

Price $69.95

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Thank God I...
Inspiring & Powerful Stories of
Triumph through Tragedy

Dianne Porchia is a contributing author, Volume 3 of Thank God I... series; heart-felt personal stories of coming to the inner place of forgiveness and gratitude after tremendous life challenges such as death, divorce, bankruptcy, abuse and more.  If you or someone you know is held captive to past hurts and trauma, this inspiring book can show the path to healing, hope, personal transformation and freedom.

Price $20


Private Sessions with Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM

$225 60-minute phone consultations
$340 90-minute minimum in-person consultations (Topanga / Santa Monica Office)

Private Concierge Services
$500 2-hour minimum concierge out-call session (includes travel within 20-mile radius)

10% Discounts with package of 4-sessions paid in advance
$810 Package of 4, 60-minute phone sessions (regular price $900)
$1,224 Package of 4, 90-minute sessions. (regular price $1,360)
$1800 Package of 4 2-hour sessions. (regular price $2,000)

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Life In Balance Concierge Wellness Retreats for Men, Women & Private Groups

Concierge Retreats for VIPs, high profile and discerning individuals, families and private groups who desire confidential and focused attention on their specific needs and goals.

Reducing stress holistically, body-mind-heart-soul, is the key to a strong immune system and balanced health. Dianne Porchia is a specialist in holistic stress reduction to support immune function for people experiencing corporate burn out, anxiety, overwhelm in career, relationship and lifestyle, divorce, death, serious illness, disease and cancer. 

3-5 Day Concierge Retreats offered in Topanga, California
Call  310-455-2851 for price and details.  Contactdianne@porchiaswish.com


Concierge Travel With Intention

Concierge Wellness Retreats may be booked almost anywhere in the world you want to travel to experience the unique combination of travel, relaxation, healing body-mind-heart-soul, self-nurturing and personal growth. 

For busy executives, and film industry individuals on location, Porchia may travel to your foreign destination to deliver your concierge retreat program. 

10-Day Concierge Destination Retreats offered at a variety of 5-Star Destination Resorts and Private Villas abroad.
Call  310-455-2851 for price and details.    Contactdianne@porchiaswish.com

Healing Hearts & Inspiring Souls Couples Retreat

Healing Hearts Couples Retreats focuses on how to avoid the Nine Traps of Unconscious Loving that undermine your loving intentions and cause emotional separation in your relationship. Learn effective heart and soul-centered communication skills to heal past hurts and reconnect in your loving.  Accommodation at romantic destination resorts and spas with amenities to help release stuck energy through healing waters, therapeutic touch treatments, yoga and body movement.  Meditation, mindfulness and Vipassana hikes in nature.

Private Concierge Couples Retreats may be booked in Topanga, California and at a variety of romantic destinations and resorts and spas in California, Arizona, Oregon and Mexico. 

3-5 Day Couples Retreats
Call  310-455-2851 for price and details.  Contactdianne@porchiaswish.com

Healing Hearts & Inspiring Souls Women's Retreat

Women’s Retreat are the ultimate Mother’s Day or sister, auntie, niece birthday gift whereat learning heart-centered communication skills opens the door to heal past hurts and reconnect in your loving. 

Women’s Retreats are offered at a variety of special destinations and resorts in California, Arizona, Oregon and Mexico including:  Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, Esalen Institute, Bernardus Lodge, Miraval Resort, Rancho La Puerta.

3-5 Day Women’s Retreats
Call  310-455-2851 for price and details.  Contactdianne@porchiaswish.com

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