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  1. Do your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors undermine you in achieving your goals?  
  2. Do you feel judged, misunderstood, unsupported or not heard by others?
  3. Do you feel separate or different from others? Do you prefer to isolate, spending more time alone?
  4. Do you feel disconnected from your inner joy and peace?
  5. Do you feel frustrated or overwhelm with the demands of school, work, family and running a busy household?
  6. Do you feel no matter what you do, it’s never good enough, you’re not good enough?
  7. Do you feel despondent, hopeless, no way out of your situation?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, chances are you are suffering from internalized stress which is compromising optimum immune function.

Change your thoughts and beliefs, and you can:

  • Change your emotions and how you feel inside your Self.
  • Change your body chemistry through autonomic re-education.
  • Change your health by supporting your immune system’s “growth” mode, rather than its “protection” mode of operation.
  • Change your behaviors because you will no longer automatically “react” to old “triggers” that kept you repeating old patterns.
  • Change your relationships by changing the dynamics between you and your Self and you and the other person.

Cellular Health: Growth vs. Protection Mode

Your body is hardwired for automatic regulation of self-nurturing and self-preservation functions through the autonomic nervous system (ANS) that controls all the systems in your body; respiratory, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, excretory, reproductive, endocrine, muscular and skeletal. 

The ANS is divided into two divisions, the parasympathetic nervous system which is in charge of the body’s nurturing functions promoting “rest, digest and repair” functions of the body and the sympathetic nervous system in charge of the body’s self-preservation functions triggering the “freeze, fight or flight” response.

Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton was able to prove that the human cell can be in one of two modes at a time, but it cannot function fully or at its best in the mode which is not stimulated. Lipton refers to these two modes as 1) the “growth” mode associated with parasympathetic body functions attracted to environments and perceptions of safety, love, nurturing and trust which stimulates T-cell function and improved immune function or 2) the “protection” mode associated with the sympathetic nervous system stimulated by perceptions of fear, threat and danger triggering the freeze, fight or flight reaction wherein stress hormones called “cortisols” are released into the body and immune function is suppressed while preparing for self-preservation.

Cortisol stress hormones change the operation of the brain and suppress your immune system.  When you are in fear, stress hormones squeeze the blood vessels in the forebrain reducing the amount of blood flow and oxygen to this region responsible for conscious reasoning, logic and critical thinking, while forcing more blood to the hind brain responsible for motor reaction and automatic reactive behavior for self-preservation.  This is why you can’t think clearly when you become emotionally upset and are in fear unless you can slow down the freeze, fight or flight reaction and regain your ability to think straight.

A healthy immune system effectively deals with each short lived stress provoking challenge, recovers quickly and returns to the state of relaxation and neutrality, effectively fighting off colds, flu, virus, bacteria and germs that surround our daily activities.

However, prolonged secretion of cortisol’s due to chronic stress or excessive secretion due to Cushing's syndrome results in significant physiological changes.  Immune function is over worked and can become impaired, making you more susceptible to illness and disease.  Cortisol's suppression of the immune system and inflammatory response can lead to gastrointestinal disturbances, opportunistic infections, impaired wound healing, cancer and disease which may settle in at weaker areas of the body.

Not only real life dangers trigger this sympathetic protection mode reaction in your body. How you “perceive” the world around you can also trigger an autonomic protection reaction.  This is what happens when a panic attack or freezing up takes over your nervous system as a result of fear over a performance test, public speaking, athletic competition or some other critical stress provoking situation.

Performance Anxiety, Test Stress & Panic Attacks
“I Knew All The Answers, But My Mind Went Blank”.

Performance anxiety, test stress and temporary memory impairment are all curable disorders through effective stress reduction training.  If your inner saboteur voice gets in the way of your best performance in school or test taking, at work or during athletic competition chances are you suffer from some form of performance anxiety.
Subconscious limiting beliefs that make you feel not good enough, not smart enough, not deserving or worthy of success, trigger the “protection” mechanism, freeze, fight or flight response in your autonomic nervous system which impairs your ability to think clearly and perform your best.
Dianne Porchia has seen an 80% pass rate with her Passing Performance™ law students preparing for the California State Bar exam. The California Bar is notoriously the toughest bar in the nation with a 50% failure rate.

Porchia’s WISH™ Holistic Wellness Approach is Natural and Uses NO Drugs.

  • Integrates mind-body medicine principles
  • Supports optimum immune function naturally
  • Re-educates the autonomic nervous system
  • Creates new neuro-pathways using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Accesses the subconscious mind to transform an “inner saboteur” voice into an “inner ally” marrying inner and outer cooperation
  • Support for cancer, serious illness and disease without harmful side effects of drugs
  • Supports immune system through nutrition, phyto-chemical food healing systems and exercise
  • Inner child healing work to release past hurt, fear and trauma through compassionate body-mind-heart-soul integration
  • Interpersonal communication skills that teach how to identify emotions, be a clear, complete, honest, self-honoring and heart-centered communicator


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