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Dianne Porchia

Passing Performance
Holistic Stress Reduction for Adults & Teens

Ryan O'Neal "Porchia helped me during a time of challenging illness with her healing touch, caring and loving energy. I wish her much success in taking her integrated healing work to others.”

Actor Ryan O’Neal
Ryan O'Neal "There is something very special about you that I am so grateful for.  Your ability to cut right through to the real blockage; to get to the pain and stay there until it is dealt with.  I've made more progress working with you and your 'fast track' approach than years of past therapy."  

Beth A. Blair, CPA 
Women First Financial & Insurance Services
Empowering Financial Security & Advocacy
For Women & Family
Ryan O'Neal

“Thank you for your help and for the work we did - I am grateful for your knowledge, insight and expertise. This is truly the most important thing in my world right now, (professionally that is), and I'd like to break the pattern or spell or whatever it is!  This was a refreshing look at the situation. You really know how to get to the core of the matter and helped me reconnect with my heart’s desire.  Thank you so much again.”

Christine Kapetain,  Actress and Real Estate Agent Pritchett-Rapf

Ryan O'Neal

“You are amazing. Every session with you was well worth it. You really have a talent for getting to the bottom of the issue. I really enjoyed our sessions, and I’ve learned a lot about myself and you have given me great tools to cope with “myself.”

Annette Ferguson, CPA, Partner Taschian Ferguson & Co, LLC

Ryan O'Neal

"The techniques I learned during our sessions together in the Passing Performance 5-week course for law students were invaluable to me while taking the bar and now in managing stress today in my law practice.  Thank you again, Dianne, for helping me pass the California State Bar Exam."   

John J. Negley, Jr., Attorney at Law, Family Law & related issues

Ryan O'Neal

"Dianne I want to thank you for a most amazing weekend. I had such a great time and will take all that I've learned into my daily life. Thanks again and will see you in December."

Laura Ryan, mother extraordinaire

Nicole Gardner

"During Porchia’s WISH Life In Balance Retreat my biggest breakthrough was realizing that old beliefs and patterns of thinking from my childhood and family dynamics were preventing me from moving forward and beings successful in my career.
As far as relationships with others, I've identified and found even more gratitude for the people who nurture and support me.  I also realize that I have control on how I choose to respond to and include people in my life.  Overall I am much happier and less stressed after attending this workshop."

Nicole Gardner, Naturopathic Medicine

John Cullen

"Dianne Porchia is an inspiration and a shining light. She helped me address some difficult and deferred issues in my life. I love her style of creating a learning environment full of love and concern. Dianne enabled some deep analysis and provided a pathway to understanding that enabled real change."

Thank you,
John Cullen, Engineer

Uschi Schneider

"I am impressed! A brief guided process with Dianne helped me to see where I am getting caught in fear instead of embracing the possibilities a new situation in my life was offering. It certainly cleared the way to move through fear into action."

Uschi Schneider, MSPT, Physical Therapy, Craniosacral Practitioner


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